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Furnace Replacement Services in Indiana

Your furnace is the beating heart of your home. Without a working furnace, Indiana’s weather can wreak havoc on your comfort, dropping temperatures in your home at a rapid rate.

You don’t have to live with a damaged furnace. If you notice the heater in your home starting to fail, you can call on the professionals with Mister Quik Home Services. 

Our team serves homeowners across the state of Indiana. When you give us a call, one of our experienced technicians will come out to inspect your furnace for signs of damage. We will always do our best to repair your current unit. However, if your furnace is too far gone, we’ll give you our advice on a furnace replacement.


When Do You Need to Replace Your Furnace?

Regular furnace maintenance helps you get ahead of otherwise unanticipated furnace damage. However, certain signs distinguish a furnace that needs to be repaired and a furnace that needs to be replaced

If you need furnace replacement services, you may notice:


Cold Air Coming from Your Furnace

If your furnace is blowing cold air through your home instead of warm air, then it may be time to replace it. Typically, this issue arises because of broken control panels, standing water around the unit, and leaking ducts. These are all pretty significant issues, which may mean that a repair isn’t the most cost-effective option.


Increased Energy Bills (for No Apparent Reason)

Your monthly energy bills are part of your responsibilities as a homeowner. But you shouldn’t have to suffer from ever-increasing utility expenses if your usage has remained the same. In fact, an energy bill that gets higher and higher may be a sign that something’s amiss with your heating system.

As your furnace gets older, it often has to work harder to circulate warm air throughout your home. As a result, it may cost more for you to run your furnace, even if you keep your home at the same temperature you used to. 

Furnaces with energy-efficient features can step in when an older unit has failed, lowering your expenses while improving the circulation of warm air throughout your home.


Your Unit is Reaching Its Expiration Date

Older furnaces can serve your home well. But that doesn’t mean they’re the best or most efficient heating systems out there. If you have an older furnace with broken belts, motors, switches, or fan blades, technicians may not be able to find the parts necessary to get it up and running again.

When you work with the team at Mister Quik Home Services, we can discuss all of your replacement options. You might just find that a new, modern unit will save you money on repairs and improve the flow of warm air throughout your home.


What Are the Benefits of Furnace Replacement?

Furnace replacement services do a significant amount of good for your home. Not only can these services lower your monthly utility bills, but they can also keep your home more comfortable in the face of Indiana’s unpredictable weather. 

Maintaining an older or damaged unit can also get expensive. Although some homeowners may be reluctant to seek out furnace replacement services for fear of the costs, trying to salvage an old unit一especially one that has broken parts一is often unwise. A malfunctioning furnace can be a hazard in your home.

If you’re concerned about how much it might cost you to replace your existing furnace, you can sit down with one of our furnace replacement specialists. Our team can look over your existing furnace, measure the space that needs to be heated or cooled, explore your alternatives for replacement, and present you with a plan to keep your home comfortable.

During this initial consultation, you should feel free to discuss your budget. Our team can help you to explore cost-effective furnace replacements or financing options to help you get the heat you need.


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You don’t have to live with an inefficient or ineffective furnace any longer. If you’re in the market for a furnace replacement in Indiana, let the experienced team at Mister Quik Home Services help.

When you schedule service with Mister Quik, our technicians will come out to inspect your current system, discuss your budget, and present you with a wide range of options. Once you pick out a furnace replacement, our professionals will remove your current furnace and quickly and efficiently install a replacement so you won’t be left out in the cold.