Indianapolis AC Installation & Repair

Indianapolis Air Conditioner Repair and Installations

Indiana summers can be hard on your homes air conditioner or heat pump. Is your HVAC Unit keeping your home cool enough? If it can’t keep up, our certified air conditioning technicians can offer a range of solutions to address the problem. Here are just a few of the services we offer:


Air Conditioner Tune-Up

A checkup for your home’s air conditioner system can extend its life by several years, as well as save you up to 15% per month on your energy bills. That will more than pay for the estimated $70 to $100 yearly maintenance expense. However, your maintenance check-ups are included in a SHAPE plan when you sign up!


Air Conditioner Diagnosis and Repair

Our technicians are equipped to diagnose and then repair your air conditioning units or heat pumps. Don’t worry about whether we can service your specific unit, we service all makes and models. Once we know the issue, we charge per the repair, instead of hourly. The time we may take on ensuring your unit will be running correctly won’t be on your dime.


Air Conditioner Unit Replacement or Installation

We’ll remove and recycle your old equipment, leaving you with a sparkling, new system and less to worry about. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Within a day, you’ll have a fully functional unit available to you and we’ll pack up your old unit, hold it for a couple of days in case there’s a change of heart, before recycling it.


Heat Pump Replacement or Installation

Just like with an air conditioner unit, we will install your new heat pump then remove and recycle your old unit! Don’t sweat the details, we service every make and model. We’ll take care of this for you in a timely manner, getting you and your family cool again sooner rather than later.