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Furnace Repair in Indiana

Is your furnace making strange noises when in use? Have you noticed weird odors in the air when your heat is on? These are indications that your furnace may need repair work.  When your heating system is damaged or not working correctly, you’ll want to get furnace repair services right away. Furnace issues that are left untreated will lead to more severe problems down the line. These bigger issues will likely need emergency services or a total replacement. To avoid these issues (and the hefty bills that come with them), you’ll need an HVAC technician to repair your heating system promptly. Mister Quik Home Services provides heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services throughout Indiana. With a commitment to our community and client satisfaction, we are proud to be fully certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Our experts are veterans in the industry and can repair your furnace in no time at all, leaving your home ready to tackle the harsh Indiana winters!


When to Seek Furnace Repair Services

Often, particularly during seasons of heavy use, heating systems can show signs of distress that indicate they need servicing. With that said, many homeowners don’t know what these signs are offhand. You may notice obvious signs, like cold temperatures in your house, but what are the other symptoms of a furnace that needs repair services?


Poor Heating

Poor heating is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with your furnace. When your home fails to reach an appropriate temperature in the winter, it’s because your heating system is struggling. In some cases, a few rooms in your home may be warm while others are still cold. The professionals at Mister Quik can assess your furnace and find out exactly why your unit is failing to heat the house. With our experts, your home will be warm again in no time!


Strange Odors

If you notice strange smells while the furnace is on, something is not right. Nasty odors can indicate something minor, like dust and debris in the ducts, or something much more serious, like a gas leak. If you notice weird smells when you turn your heating unit on, call the experts at Mister Quik right away to find out what’s going on.


Carbon Monoxide Alerts

If the carbon monoxide alarms in your house are indicating the presence of carbon monoxide in the air, you have a severe issue on your hands. Turn your heating unit off, open all of the windows, and have everyone leave your home (pets included if you have any).  You’ll want to have an expert look at your furnace right away because these symptoms can indicate a crack in the heat exchanger, which means carbon monoxide is leaking into the house. Our technicians can examine your unit and find the source of the carbon monoxide alerts, making your home safe to occupy again.


Unusual Sounds

Your furnace should not make loud or unusual noises. If you notice strange noises when the heat is on, you likely need furnace repair services. These sounds could be banging, squealing, whistling, or anything else loud or unusual.  Odd sounds are an indication that something may be wrong with the belt, fan, or internal components. The team at Mister Quik will take a look at your furnace and find the source of those weird noises.


Pilot Light Is the Wrong Color

If your home has a gas furnace, pay close attention to the pilot light. When the unit is in good health and operating correctly, the pilot light will be blue. If the light is yellow or orange, it indicates that something is wrong with the ventilation system and can lead to a carbon monoxide leak. Mister Quik’s expert technicians can assess your heating unit’s ventilation system and repair whatever damage there is.


High Energy Bills

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills? When your furnace is struggling to heat your house, it uses more energy to function. That leads to a rise in your utility bills. With the help of Mister Quik repair services, we can get your energy bills low again so that your furnace isn’t breaking the bank!


Power Cycling

If your heating unit will not stay on and is constantly power cycling, this is an indication that something isn’t working. Wiring issues or faulty electrical components can cause this to happen. The professionals at Mister Quik can repair your system’s electrical components and get the unit back on track.


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When your home is in need of furnace repair services, you can count on Mister Quik Home Services to get the job done! Our team of HVAC experts provides a number of heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services, including air conditioner installation and lighting repairs. With a team of industry veterans, we take pride in our work. As a leading provider of home services throughout Indiana, Mister Quik Home Services is committed to top-quality results and satisfied customers. If your home needs HVAC repairs or replacements, call us today to schedule an appointment!