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Indianapolis Furnace Maintenance​

One of the more expensive items in your home to replace is your Furnace. The number one way to keep your furnace working in the long run is to have an annual furnace maintenance, or furnace tune-up, completed by a certified furnace repairman. These tune-ups are similar to vehicle maintenance in that they keep your heating system clean, functioning properly and efficiently as possible.

According to the EPA, “dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating and cooling system inefficiency and failure.” With Mister Quik’s 20-point furnace tune-up we will run through 20 different points of operation in your homes furnace to insure it is operating as it was ended to operate.


A few of the item’s that will be inspected are:

  • Check the thermostat operation
  • Check the furnace filter
  • Review the blower wheel condition
  • Visually inspect the heat exchanger
  • Check the blower motor condition
  • Visually inspect the flue
  • Much more!

What’s different about our HVAC Tune Up is that we take readings and recordings of the furnace during the heater tune up and present those to you upon completion. This will give you the complete peace of mind of how your furnace is operating once we are done. It will also prevent you from searching for “heating repairs near me” or “furnace service Indianapolis” this winter season.

Remember, your furnace is no different than your car and in order to keep your car running properly, you change the oil (most of us anyways!) consistently. Don’t neglect your homes furnace because that will cause major problems in the long run.