Burrrr-st the Myth: Keep Your Pipes Flowing Through Winter’s Grip

Old Man Winter is back, and his icy touch extends beyond frost on windows and frosty mornings. One hidden danger lurks beneath the surface – the potential for frozen pipes. But fear not, fellow homeowners! Before panic sets in and visions of burst pipes dance in your head, let’s equip ourselves with the knowledge to […]

Conquer the Cold Snap: Why a Furnace Tune-Up is Your Winter Weapon

Old Man Winter is knocking, and his icy grip can bring more than just frost on your windows. It can send your energy bills skyrocketing as your trusty furnace strains to keep you warm. But before you crank up the thermostat and resign yourself to financial chills, there’s a powerful weapon in your arsenal: the […]

2 Essential January Plumbing Tasks to Tackle Now!

As winter descends upon Indiana, the chilly temperatures bring along the potential for plumbing problems that can leave homeowners in a bind. At Mister Quik Home Services, we understand the importance of proactive maintenance to keep your plumbing system running smoothly during the coldest months. In this blog, we’ll delve into two essential plumbing tasks […]

Furnace Repair

In the event that your heater stops working, it’s nice to have a furnace repair company in mind that you can call late into the evening.

Emergency Repair

Why is it when you need HVAC service, a drain cleaning, or a quick plumber, is it always late in the evening or on the weekend? As Murphy’s Law states, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” and it will happen at the most inconvenient time. That’s why we are here and available when you need […]

Mister Quik Acquires Copper Ridge Home Services

Acquisition expands service area, continues Mister Quik tradition of excellence in customer service. (Indianapolis, IN) – Mister Quik Home Services is proud to announce the acquisition of Copper Ridge Home Services. The merger will expand Mister Quik’s service area and increase the volume of repairs and maintenance it can provide to Indianapolis area homeowners.  Mister […]

3 Ways to Sneeze Less in Your Home This Allergy Season

1. Keep your windows closed. I know a lot of us love to have that spring breeze come through when the weather starts warming up, but there are a lot of other things coming into your home with that breeze. Pollen, dust and dirt particles are all joining in on that nice breeze which leads […]

Top 4 Reasons An AC Tune up is Essential

If you are not having your central air conditioning system serviced annually, here are some important reasons for why you can’t afford not to A tuned-up system is a system that runs more efficiently. Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system can increase the efficiency of your system and can have a large effect […]