What Not to Put Down Your Home’s Drain?

Our modern homes are incredibly convenient but can be quite a problem if not used properly.  For instance, I put coffee grounds down my sink for years before I knew you weren’t supposed to do that.  Of course, I also had problems with said drain that I was putting coffee grains down for years before knowing it was a no, no.  Since learning this, I have been a part of a company that performs more than 2500 home drain cleanings per year and have learned what can and can’t go down a home drain. 

Here is a handy list of items that should not be put down your home’s drains:

Coffee Grounds

As mentioned above, a lot of us aren’t aware that these wonderful, tasting and helpful grounds, should go in the trash can and not down the sink.  The reason for this is that when coffee grounds get wet, they clump together and when they dry, cause to drain slower through and around them.  If you do this enough, you will have a blocked drain.  Always put your coffee grounds in the trash can. 

Grease, Oils, and Fats

It’s so much easier for these item’s to be rinsed off in the sink and go down the drain, but trust me, this will cost you in the long run.  Even though these substances look like a liquid, they harden quickly and have the potential to completely clog a drain.  These substances sometimes require more than a drain cleaning to be performed to properly clear them and can, at times, require a jetting to be done to break the blockage. 

Flushable Wipes

We believe that whoever created these wipes, never worked in the drain cleaning industry!  Can you flush them? yes, but we have found that over time, they do not break down and cause blockages in your home’s main sewer line.  It’s a good idea to put these types of wipes in the trash can if you want to prevent blockages in your drains. 


Even if your garbage disposal grinds these up, we have found that the small particles get stuck in debris when they are disposed of down a sink drain.  Couple this with other unwanted items that go down drains and you are in store for a slow-moving drain that will require a professional drain cleaning to be performed to get it and draining properly again. 

Feminine Hygiene Products

These are made to absorb fluids and flushing them down the toilet drain creates a counterintuitive situation where the drain is no longer draining but holding water in the drain.  This is another item that is meant for the trash can but often gets put down the drain. 

Paper Towels and Kleenex

These products should never be flushed down a toilet and should always be thrown away.  Toilet paper is designed to break down when it is flushed own a toilet, but Kleenex and paper towels is not made to break down.  When flushed or put down any drain, these items will remain in the drain, collecting other debris, and will potentially cause a clog or slow-moving drain over time. 

Rice and Pasta

Rice and Pasta expands when placed in water and will continue to do so if it sits in your pipes and disposal.  And you never want something expanding in a pipe when water is trying to flow through it. 

Hopefully, this has been a helpful list and will save you the hassle that a clog drain can cause.  If you do find yourself in need of a drain cleaning give us a call or schedule here and take advantage of our “Any Drain, Any Time, $99” drain cleaning offer!