3 Ways to Sneeze Less in Your Home This Allergy Season

How to Have Less Allergens in Your Home

1. Keep your windows closed.

I know a lot of us love to have that spring breeze come through when the weather starts warming up, but there are a lot of other things coming into your home with that breeze. Pollen, dust and dirt particles are all joining in on that nice breeze which leads to more sneezes and itchy eyes for those with allergies. Keep your windows closed and the fan on your HVAC system running to keep the air circulating through your home. The circulated air will run through your system’s air filter removing a lot of those unwanted particles. This is why it is important to……

2. Replace your filter regularly.

The filter in your home is designed to keep harmful particles from getting into you HVAC system and to keep the air you breathe as clean as possible. Filters come in a broad range of types, sizes, and usages. Most homes have a very basic, 1-inch filter that needs to be replaced every 30 days. Others have higher quality filters that don’t need to be changed as frequently. Here is a list of the different filter types with a brief explanation of each. Replacing them is an easy to do task and is a must to help keep your air clean.

Below is a picture of a recent call we ran with a picture of the air filter that was being used. You can see all of the buildup of debris that has accumulated and the reason why it’s important to change your filter.

recalled air filter

3. Have preventative maintenance done on your air conditioner and furnace.

Filters don’t catch everything that come through your HVAC system. Some of the items not stopped by the filter get circulated through your furnace and ductwork throughout your home. Not only do these items cause your indoor air quality to be lessened, but they also build up on sections of your furnace and cause potential breakdowns and a loss of efficiency.

Below you can see the inside of a furnace blower wheel. In the left image you can see the buildup that has accumulated. The right picture is of the same blower wheel after the cleaning was completed.



Keep these tips in mind this spring so that there will be fewer “ah-choos” in your home!