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Whole Home Duct Sealing

Do you find that your heating and cooling bills are continuously higher than they should be? Are you paying more even though you’ve had your furnace or air conditioner checked? Mister Quik can find a solution for you!

Most likely, the problem is the result of perforated ventilation in your ducts. Don’t be too worried, we can seal your ducts quickly and efficiently with Aeroseal.

Mister Quik team members do more than just save you money by using Aeroseal. They help you save energy, extend the lives of your HVAC systems, reduce dust in your home, reduce hot and cold spots in your home, and create better humidity control. This product and service can end up saving you up to $850 a year!

This process can be completed in just a few hours by our team members with little to no cleanup. After the Aeroseal process has been completed, the holes and cracks in your duct work will be sealed.  We guarantee that once your air duct service is completed, you will find that dust, debris, and allergens become minimal in your air quality.

In addition, the sealant is completely safe for your family and home. Made with a water-based solution, Aeroseal is non-toxic and eco-friendly. If you believe that home duct sealing is your solution, we are the Indianapolis company for you!

We will even have our team members provide you with a certificate of completion that provides information on your leakage measurements before and after our service. You will notice a difference in your home immediately, and you are given a 5-year warranty on this service!

Some of the Benefits You Can Expect

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