HEPA Filter Replacement in Indianapolis

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HEPA Filter Replacement in Indianapolis

There’s a wide variety of reasons why we tend to spend so much time inside of our homes. Some people work from home, while others prefer to spend their free time enjoying the indoors, watching television or working out. Even if you’re only home at night to sleep before you head out again in the morning, maintaining your home’s indoor air quality is extremely important.

While this is especially true for sensitive populations, including the elderly or individuals with asthma, improving your home’s air quality will make your home more comfortable for everyone. Many times, the first step to improving air quality is to install a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system. However, those filters need to be replaced regularly, and the job is best handled by professional HVAC technicians.

Mister Quik will happily help you with your HEPA filter replacement in Indianapolis, installing your new filter and disposing of your old one. With our team of well-trained and insured HVAC technicians, we offer our customers top-quality workmanship with the best possible service. When you need help to improve your home’s indoor air quality, turn to Mister Quik.


Why Should I Use HEPA Filters?

Families in Indianapolis come in all shapes and sizes, and their needs are just as diverse. While all HVAC systems should be installed with a filter, not all filtration systems are the same. Filter effectiveness is measured using a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher the MERV, the more particulates the filter will catch.

Most homes use 1” filters, which should be replaced every 30 days. These filters usually have a MERV between 5 and 9, which will catch large particles but will allow many particles to pass through, including dust, pollen, mold spores, and more.

However, there are other options that can trap much more of the particulates that can harm your home’s indoor air quality. The most effective of these are HEPA filters, which trap 99.97% of all particulates. Their protection makes them popular in hospitals, labs, and of course, homes. HEPA filters are the most effective filters available, providing unbeatable particulate filtration. 


Why You Need a HEPA Air Filter

Choosing a HEPA filtration system can be a little complicated since it usually means altering your HVAC system to accommodate the larger filters. However, there’s a good chance it’s worth the trouble, especially when:

  • An asthma or allergy sufferer lives in your home
  • Your pets shed a lot
  • A smoker lives in your home
  • Your home has a musty or stuffy smell
  • You frequently experience coughing, sneezing, or headaches
  • Your home is often dusty, even after frequent cleaning

While a HEPA filter might not solve all of these problems, it can certainly be part of a larger solution. Contact Mister Quik to learn more about how you might benefit from a HEPA filter replacement in Indianapolis.


Getting a HEPA Filter Replacement in Indianapolis

Replacing your air filters is an important part of home upkeep. When your filter becomes clogged with particulates, it can be difficult for air to pass through, putting extra strain on your HVAC system while also allowing more particulates to pass through into your air system.

Getting a HEPA filter replacement in Indianapolis can relieve this strain. Because HEPA filters are denser, it’s more difficult for air to pass through them, even when it’s clear. It’s important to ensure that your HVAC system is up to the task, and even more important to make sure that your filter is regularly replaced as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Regularly changing your air filter will not only improve your indoor air quality, but it will also help the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. A clean air filter will allow your air conditioner or furnace to more efficiently cool or heat your home, saving you money on your utility bills while extending the life of your heating and cooling systems.

However, the biggest benefit is the improvement in air quality. Having a dirty, clogged air filter is in many ways like not having an air filter at all.


Local, Reliable HVAC Technicians for HEPA Filter Replacement in Indianapolis

If you have more questions about getting a HEPA filter replacement in Indianapolis or if you’re ready to schedule your filter replacement, contact the team of experts at Mister Quik Home Services. We’ll make sure that our technicians get your HEPA filter changed fast, so you can breathe easy.