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Most of the time when you are in need of a furnace repair, the cause is a clogged air filter. Mister Quik Home Services offers to help you maintain your air filters throughout the year with our annual maintenance plan. On these maintenance visits, we recommend Aprilaire’s Model 5000 Air Purifier and 4-inch media filters to do the job.

When your air filter is clean and working correctly, you will immediately notice differences in your air quality. These include improved breathing and health, the removal of visible and hidden airborne pollutants, and the prevention of pet dander, dust, and debris.

First, we make sure that you have the air filter installed into your heating and cooling system. If you need your filters changed, this service requires around 20-minutes to complete. Overall, it is easy and quick to take care of. Changing your air filter also means your furnace will operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Dirty furnaces lead to breakdowns, and a properly installed and maintained air filter will help your homes HVAC system function properly.

When our Mister Quik team member finishes with your air filter, you will also notice a difference when it comes to savings. Your energy consumption will be lower and likewise your energy bill. Moreover, our air purifiers work 24-hours a day without disturbing your everyday life.

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