HVAC systems go through a lot of stress during the summers and winters in Fishers. For homeowners in Fishers, it’s vital to have a home services company that can help when any issues come up. This is where Mister Quik Home Services can help.

At Mister Quik, we strive to offer as many services as possible to help our local community. Homeowners have plenty to worry about, so they shouldn’t have to find a different company for all of the home repair needs they have. That’s why we have a team of experienced professionals who work in a number of specialties and are available to help with anything today.

In a home, one of the most vital systems is the HVAC system, especially during extreme weather. If there are inconsistencies with the home’s air conditioning or heating, problems with the HVAC system causing discomfort or inconveniences, Mister Quik Home Services can diagnose and fix the issue. We make sure the job is done correctly and quickly.

Air Conditioning Services

During the hot summer months, a working air conditioner is essential. When there is an issue with the air conditioner, it’s important to get it figured out right away. An issue with the air conditioning system will get worse over time, so it’s always a good idea to have it fixed fast.

When there are any air conditioning services, call Mister Quik for help. Schedule an appointment quickly if any of the following signs are detected.

Any of these issues can be caused by an air conditioning system that’s not working properly, as well as from damaged wiring or issues with the ducts. Mister Quik can diagnose any air conditioning issues and handle the repairs or replacement right away, so there’s no need to wait.

Even if the air conditioning system is working, a tune-up is a great idea as it can help the system continue working properly. We offer a SHAPE maintenance plan that includes yearly tune-ups and a five-year warranty for any repairs or replacements.

Services for Ducts and Dryer Vents

Air quality inside a home can change for a number of reasons. When the seasons are changing in Fishers, pollen is increasingly in the air and can collect in the ducts, getting into the home. Dust and grime can naturally build up in the duct system and impact the air quality in the home.

With our whole home duct cleaning services, the air in the home will be safe to breathe. We offer fast but complete duct and dryer vent cleanings that can help lead to an immediate improvement in the air quality inside the home.

Duct sealing is also available using Aeroseal technology to prevent ducts from leaking. If there are high energy bills, it’s likely from a leaking duct. When we seal the ducts, the problem is solved in as little as a few hours. We also offer a five-year warranty for this, which is the longest in the industry.

Services for the Furnace

During the winter, there’s a lot more to worry about than the energy bill if the furnace stops working. Don’t wait until it’s urgent to have the furnace system repaired. We recommend signing up for regular furnace maintenance, which we include in the SHAPE maintenance plan.

The signs for a furnace that isn’t working correctly are similar to the signs for issues with an air conditioner, but there are some differences. Signs to look out for include the following.

If the furnace is malfunctioning, it can pose a risk to those who live in the home. Furnace repair should always be left to a professional. We have highly trained and experienced technicians who are able to work on a variety of types and brands. We can provide a same-day repair or replacement for any furnace parts, as long as a five-year warranty that’s included in our SHAPE plan.

Get the Right Help

If you’re worried about the HVAC system in your home, let the pros at Mister Quik Home Services help. Our experienced technicians are available to take care of any issues you may have and we can help with preventative maintenance that may be needed to keep your HVAC system in great shape. Contact us today for any help with your HVAC system.