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Indianapolis Furnace Maintenance​

One of the more expensive items in your home to replace is your Furnace. The number one way to keep your furnace working in the long run is to have an annual furnace maintenance, or furnace tune-up, completed by a certified furnace repairman. These tune-ups are similar to vehicle maintenance in that they keep your heating system clean, functioning properly and efficiently as possible.

According to the EPA, “dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating and cooling system inefficiency and failure.” With Mister Quik’s 20-point furnace tune-up we will run through 20 different points of operation in your homes furnace to insure it is operating as it was ended to operate.


A few of the item’s that will be inspected are:

  • Check the thermostat operation
  • Check the furnace filter
  • Review the blower wheel condition
  • Visually inspect the heat exchanger
  • Check the blower motor condition
  • Visually inspect the flue
  • Much more!

What’s different about our HVAC Tune Up is that we take readings and recordings of the furnace during the heater tune up and present those to you upon completion. This will give you the complete peace of mind of how your furnace is operating once we are done. It will also prevent you from searching for “heating repairs near me” or “furnace service Indianapolis” this winter season.

Remember, your furnace is no different than your car and in order to keep your car running properly, you change the oil (most of us anyways!) consistently. Don’t neglect your homes furnace because that will cause major problems in the long run.

Noblesville Furnace Maintenance Services

Your furnace works hard to keep you warm all winter long. Sometimes, its duties even expand into the fall and spring when winter extends beyond its normal parameters. All that stress takes a serious toll on home heating systems in Noblesville and the surrounding areas.

To make matters even worse, the furnace then sits quietly in the background throughout the warmer months, essentially being ignored. That places even more strain on your home’s heating system and leaves it ever more vulnerable to malfunctions when cold weather comes back into play. With the right measures, though, you can reduce the impact of all that wear and tear on your furnace.

Keeping Your Furnace in Working Order with Routine Maintenance Services

At Mister Quik Home Services, we’re Noblesville’s top furnace experts. Our trained and experienced technicians know home heating systems inside and out, and we take part in ongoing training to learn about all the new systems coming onto the market and new developments in our industry. That means no one in the area is more qualified to take care of all your heating needs. One of the most important aspects of heating system care is furnace maintenance. Our maintenance services can go a long way toward keeping your furnace working properly from one winter to the next.

Why Is Furnace Maintenance Necessary?

As mentioned, working constantly through the colder months and being left idle during the warmer seasons can quickly cause problems with a furnace. Inactivity causes the internal mechanisms to deteriorate and allows dust, dirt, and other debris to gather in the heating unit. All that makes malfunctions much more likely when it comes time to use the heating system. In many cases, homeowners even find that their furnaces won’t work at all once cold weather returns.

Furnace maintenance targets all the problems you could experience with your heating system. It gives our technicians a chance to inspect your entire heating system and look for damage, worn parts, and other issues. If we find problems, we can repair them early before they cause your furnace to break down. That, alone, will greatly reduce your repair costs over time and help ward off quite a bit of cold and frustration.

What Happens During Furnace Maintenance?

We start our furnace maintenance services by conducting a thorough inspection of your heating system both inside and out. We check the blower motor, igniter, and a range of other components and moving parts. We also clean the unit to remove accumulated debris.

On top of all that, we’ll check all the gas and electrical connections to make sure they’re working safely and properly. We also take a look at your ductwork and vents to be sure they’re in good condition and not blocked or clogged. Our technicians can change your filters if necessary as well. Those are only a few of the measures we take to make sure your furnace is ready for cold weather.

We often find problems that could lead to malfunctions down the road. When we do, we discuss them with our clients to let them know what their options are. We always try to find the most effective and affordable solutions in situations like these. While we can make some repairs during our inspection and maintenance calls, we sometimes have to schedule major repairs for later. If that happens, we’ll make sure we get the repairs done before you need to use your furnace again.

What Are the Benefits of Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace maintenance can bring you several benefits. Reducing the likelihood of breakdowns when you need the furnace most is certainly a major advantage, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Routine maintenance also increases your heating system’s efficiency, improves your indoor air quality, and keeps the furnace working effectively. It can make your furnace last longer and reduce your heating costs.

Make Sure Your Furnace Is Ready for Winter

If you want to make sure your heating system is ready for winter, your local furnace experts are here to help. By having us perform furnace maintenance each year during late summer or early fall, you can rest assured your heating system will keep you warm when cold weather creeps back in. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule a maintenance appointment now before you actually need to start using your furnace.

Carmel Furnace Maintenance Services

The furnace does a ton of work during the coldest months of the year. The furnace can provide heat, protect against any airborne particles, and regulate how the air flows through the home. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help give your furnace the right care to make it through the coldest months without issue.

About Furnace Maintenance

Maintenance is a preventative measure that can be done by a technician from Mister Quik Home Services. Our technician will inspect and tune up the furnace and heating system to make sure it works correctly. Done right, preventative maintenance can help homeowners save money and make sure the home is warm no matter how cold it gets outside. 

When to Perform Maintenance

Maintenance for the furnace should be done at least annually, per the warranties provided by manufacturers. Depending on how old the system is, whether it has needed repairs, and how it is currently operating, it may be necessary to consider bi-annual or quarterly maintenance services. 

When to Perform Maintenance

It is recommended to handle any maintenance needed during the late summer or early in the fall. During the past winter, the furnace worked hard. It’s a good idea to make sure the furnace works properly before it’s needed in the winter.

Signs Professional Help is Needed

It’s not always easy to tell when there’s something wrong with the furnace, and many homeowners aren’t sure what to look for to tell if the furnace is having trouble working. They may also notice something strange, but don’t realize it’s connected to the furnace. Some of the things that do indicate an issue with the furnace include the following.

What’s Included with Furnace Maintenance? 

Furnace maintenance should be taken seriously, and that’s what Mister Quik Home Services professionals will do. We can inspect, tune up, and repair all parts of the furnace. This includes the following. 

Mister Quik Home Services professionals will also let you know if any severe problems are noticed during routine maintenance. Depending on what’s wrong, it could be possible to have it repaired right then.

Differences Between Electric and Gas Furnace Maintenance

Electric and gas furnaces differ mainly in the fuel source, but there are a few extra things that are checked on gas systems to make sure they work properly. Besides the gas lines, the technician will take a look at gas combustion levels. Manufacturers can all have different maximum efficiency levels, but the standard is at least 85%. This refers to the amount of heat lost during the operation, and newer furnaces can have up to 95% efficiency. 

Why Have Furnace Maintenance Done?

Besides keeping the home warm, there are other reasons to have the furnace maintained.

Decrease the Energy Bill

If the furnace is well maintained, it’s possible to save up to 30% on the heating bill for the home. This does depend on other factors in the home, as well, such as the insulation, number and size of windows, and the size of the home.

Improve the Air Quality

The furnace removes air from the home and recycles it within the HVAC system. Filters are designed to catch dust, pollen, pet dander, and more before the air goes back into the home. By replacing the filter and making sure the airflow works properly, these particles are kept out of the home. 

Keep the Home Safe

Carbon monoxide is produced by furnaces and vented to outside of the home. These pipes can leak, but with regular maintenance, it’s possible to find these leaks faster, reducing the potential for serious complications. 

Help Prevent Breakdowns

Over time, parts are going to wear out and need to be replaced. Our technicians know when to tell if something needs to be fixed immediately or if it’s something that doesn’t need to be worried about right now. We can also help spot potential damage before it becomes severe, so the chance of breakdowns in the future is minimized. 

Help the Furnace Last Longer

Furnaces are expensive and might be the most expensive appliance in a home. A well-maintained furnace can last for 15 to 20 years, far longer than the 10-year guarantee most furnaces have.

Beech Grove Furnace Maintenance Services

During our cold winters here in Beech Grove, our furnaces work overtime to help keep us warm and comfortable. If you’re like most local homeowners, you’ve come to count on your heating system always being there when you need it. With the right measures, it’ll hold out for years to come before needing to be replaced. Of course, its dependability and longevity depend on how well you take care of it. Furnaces require a certain amount of care, and you need a team of furnace experts on your side to provide that ongoing upkeep.

Taking Care of Beech Grove’s Home Heating Systems

At Mister Quik Home Services, we’re the company local homeowners turn to when they need help with overcoming their heating system issues. We’re committed to providing a higher level of service and quality than you’ll find anywhere else in the area, and we’re fully qualified to cover all your furnace needs. From initial installation to repairs and replacements, we can handle the job. We also specialize in furnace maintenance services in Beech Grove and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a team of experts to help keep your furnace in optimal condition, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a service appointment.

How Often Should I Schedule Furnace Maintenance?

Ideally, you should book a furnace maintenance appointment at least once per year. We advise our clients to schedule these services near the end of summer or during early fall. That way, we can get your furnace tuned up and ready for winter before you need it. It’s always best to plan ahead and be prepared, and scheduling your furnace maintenance services well before winter takes hold helps make sure all your bases are covered. Doing so also ensures we can perform your maintenance services before the busy season.

What Do Furnace Maintenance Services Include?

Furnace maintenance appointments include a range of services, all of which are designed to help take care of your furnace and guarantee that it’ll be ready to meet your needs when cold weather returns. Our first measure is to inspect your entire heating system to make sure everything is in working order. We’ll check your indoor and outdoor heating units as well as your ductwork and other components of the system. Our technicians cover all the important components of your furnace, including:

Those are some of the major components we’ll go over during our inspection and maintenance service calls. We’ll also clean the components of your heating system, lubricate moving parts, and replace any standard parts that are overly worn or damaged. Our team will check and calibrate the thermostat as well. If we find any significant problems along the way, we’ll take care of them as quickly as possible. Every step we take during our maintenance services is designed to ensure your heating system is safe and equipped to serve you well.

Do I Need Furnace Maintenance?

Generally speaking, if you own a furnace, the answer here is yes. All furnaces require annual maintenance to keep them operating safely, efficiently, and effectively. Furnaces lose some of their efficiency over time, but annual tune-ups and prompt repairs can help thwart that loss and ensure they’ll continue to operate at peak efficiency. That means they’ll continue to provide even heating without using more energy than necessary.

When performed by dedicated furnace experts, maintenance can also help reduce your heating bills, improve your indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of malfunctions once you start using the heat at full blast. It’ll ensure your heating system lasts as long as possible, too.

Bring Your Maintenance Needs to the Local Experts

At Mister Quik Home Services, we’re proud to be the HVAC company Beech Grove homeowners trust with their heating and cooling needs. Our technicians have the tools, training, and experience to perform maintenance on all types and brands of heating systems. We’re also fully certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, so you can rest assured we understand your heating and indoor air quality needs.

Having regular maintenance performed on your heating system is crucial for keeping it working efficiently and safely. It’s also essential for making the system lasts as long as possible. Ongoing upkeep will help reduce your heating expenses from several angles and give you greater peace of mind in knowing the furnace will be ready and waiting for the winter chill. Call us or use the form on our website to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment today.

Affordable Lebanon Furnace Maintenance Services

Your furnace has a big job. This home appliance is a workhorse in the winter, providing heat, regulating air flow, and protecting home occupants from airborne particles. Therefore, it is important to schedule regular furnace maintenance to ensure your furnace receives the care and upkeep it needs to work through the frigid Indianapolis winter.

A Look at Routine Furnace Maintenance

What is routine furnace maintenance, and why is it important? Routine furnace maintenance is a type of preventative care for your furnace performed by the Mister Quik Home Services team of HVAC experts. During the visit, the technician will inspect and tune up the heating appliance. Routine maintenance will help save you money as it can prevent an expensive breakdown later on. Routine maintenance is also important as the family needs to stay warm throughout the winter, and routine checkups give you peace of mind when it comes to the health of your furnace.

The Frequency of Routine Maintenance

Some manufacturers’ warranties require annual, bi-annual, or even quarterly maintenance checks. Make sure to read the small print to avoid losing out on your warranty coverage due to missing routine maintenance visits. The age of the system, any past repairs that were made, and current operating functionality can also affect how often the unit needs to be inspected.

Signs That a Furnace Repair Is Needed

While some problems may be undetectable by the homeowner, some signs are red flags regarding furnace health. Below are some signs that you need to have your furnace inspected:

What Is Included in a Routine Maintenance Visit?

If the appointment is for a routine system checkup, the HVAC technician will go through a checklist and check the unit’s components. For example, this checkup can include inspecting the following:

The Many Benefits of Routine Furnace Maintenance

Routine furnace maintenance keeps your Indianapolis home warm. This type of visit can maintain the warranty on the furnace. Other benefits include decreased energy bills and improved air quality.

Save Money on Utilities and Improve Air Quality

Did you know that a well-maintained furnace can save you up to 30% on your heating bill? Of course, this number can vary based on insulation, windows, and square footage of the home.

The furnace pulls air from inside the home and recirculates it through the HVAC system. The air filter does a big job, as it catches pet dander, pollen, dust, and other junk in the air before pushing the air back into the home. Replace the air filter to keep dirty air particles at bay and away from your family.

Carbon Monoxide Is Dangerous

Unfortunately, furnaces produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is supposed to be vented out of the home through an exhaust pipe. During scheduled maintenance, the technician will check for gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

Make Your Furnace Last

Furnaces are expensive. If properly maintained, they are typically warrantied for ten years. Extend the life of your furnace through routine care, and hopefully, your unit will make it ten or even twenty years.

Affordable Lebanon Furnace Maintenance Services

You can count on Mister Quik Home Services for all your heating, cooling, and HVAC needs. We offer a 100% guarantee on our work. All technicians are experienced, trained, and EPA certified.

Greenwood Furnace Maintenance Services

A furnace works very hard in the cold winter months and does more than provide heat. It protects against certain harmful airborne particles and also ensures that the system’s airflow is properly regulated. Regularly scheduled furnace maintenance can help to ensure that the unit is functioning properly during the long, cold Greenwood winter.

Furnace Maintenance

Regular furnace maintenance is performed by professional technicians as a preventative measure against breakdowns and wear and tear. The professionals at Mister Quik Home Services perform inspections and furnace tune-up services for the system. When required maintenance is performed promptly, it will save the homeowner money and ensure that the residents can have peace of mind knowing they will stay warm.

Signs of Furnace Malfunction

Many homeowners do not know the signs that a furnace has problems, and other times the system may not show any signs there is an issue about to occur. There may be clues to an issue, but these clues may not point to a problem in the furnace. Below is a list of occurrences that show there is a problem with the unit:

What Does the Annual Maintenance Include?

The professional HVAC technicians at Mister Quik Home Services take furnace maintenance seriously. During the maintenance appointment, they will inspect, tune-up, and repair the entire heating system, including the following elements:

If any problems are detected during the appointment, the homeowners will be notified immediately. If possible, the technician will repair it during the visit.

Electric Furnace versus Gas Furnace Maintenance

The main difference between a gas and electric furnace is the energy source used. However, several extra inspections must be conducted to ensure that the gas furnace is operating safely. Inspecting the gas lines is the first step; however, our technicians take it one step further and analyze the gas combustion levels. Energy levels also referred to as dissipation levels, are the amount of heat lost while the furnace is in operation. Each manufacturer has its maximum efficiency levels, around 85%. When the furnace is in operation at 85%, the other 15% is exhaust produced by the natural gas. Most all new furnaces can reach up to 95% efficiency.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

There are many benefits for Greenwood residents to schedule annual maintenance besides maintaining the manufactures warranty and staying warm. Below are a few of those benefits.

Greenwood community residents depend on Mister Quik Home Services for heating, cooling, and plumbing system repair, replacement, and inspections. Our expert technicians are EPA certified and have passed strenuous background checks. All of our services are backed by a 100% service guarantee. We want to ensure that our customers are comfortable and pleased with our technicians and services.

Your furnace plays an invaluable role in supporting your household’s comfort and safety. Once winter hits, having a working furnace is the only way to ensure that you and your family will be able to stay warm. Providing your heating system with adequate maintenance throughout the year is the best way to make sure it will be in good operating condition.

Most handy homeowners can change the air filters on their furnace as needed, but you should leave the rest of the maintenance work to the pros at Mister Quik Home Services. During preventative maintenance visits, our technicians will go much further. They’ll tune up each component of your heating system and inspect the whole system to make sure it’s in good working order. When we’re done, you can rest easy knowing that your furnace will be performing efficiently throughout the home heating season.

Most manufacturers’ warranties require homeowners to have their furnaces professionally maintained at least once a year. If that’s the approach you plan to take, it’s best to give us a call in the late summer or early fall. If your furnace is older or prone to breakdowns, our technicians may recommend bi-annual or quarterly maintenance checks, and we’ll always be available in the intervening time to help out if something goes wrong.

Not sure if you need to schedule an extra maintenance visit? Even if you’re on an annual schedule, you might want to consider calling for a tune-up if you notice:

Sometimes, a few tweaks are all it takes to get your system back into good working order. Others, we’ll need to perform some basic repairs. We can provide the most common repair services on the spot.

Next, we’ll adjust belts, thermostats, and electrical connections as needed, then lubricate all the moving parts. If we find any serious issues during the inspection phase, we’ll let you know and start working towards developing a plan to move forward.

Gas and electric furnaces are pretty similar, but they use different fuel sources. If you have a gas furnace, we’ll take some extra steps to make sure your family is safe. We’ll analyze combustion levels, check for carbon monoxide leaks, and make sure your furnace’s efficiency levels are within a reasonable range.

The most obvious benefit of furnace maintenance is that it will keep your equipment in good working condition so you don’t have to deal with unexpected breakdowns in the middle of winter. 

Aging furnaces require routine maintenance to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. You can save as much as 30% off the top of your heating bills by scheduling annual tune-ups.

Furnaces move a ton of air throughout your home. If the heating system has dirty filters or leaks, it can let dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne allergens and contaminants into your home. Regular maintenance prevents this issue.

Furnaces are complicated and they see a ton of use, which means parts get worn out faster than you might think. We’ll replace them as needed before they break down to help you limit the chances of unexpected system failures.

We know that furnaces are expensive. Routine maintenance calls, on the other hand, are quite affordable. Maintaining your furnace can extend its usable lifespan by many years, which makes annual tune-ups a great investment.

Aging gas furnaces can develop carbon monoxide leaks, which pose serious dangers to your family’s health and safety. We can often catch potential leaks before they happen, but only if you schedule regular maintenance calls.

Homeowners in Camby can turn to Mister Quik Home Services for all of their HVAC and plumbing needs, including routine furnace maintenance. Our technicians are all highly trained, certified, and background-checked, so you can trust us to provide reliable service, guaranteed.

Mister Quik Home Services offers furnace maintenance done by a professional technician. Our technicians will handle an inspection and tune-up of the furnace and the heating system. Done regularly and correctly, maintenance will help you save money, stay warm throughout the winter, and be more confident you won’t have trouble with the furnace.

When is Maintenance Needed?

Furnace Maintenance should be done yearly, at least. It’s also possible to have the furnace checked twice a year or each quarter, depending on whether it’s been repaired previously, how it’s functioning, and how old it is. 

When to Do Maintenance

For homes in Fishers, it’s recommended to take care of furnace maintenance later in the summer or early in the fall. During the winter, the furnace works hard, but it sits collecting dust during the summer. It’s a good idea to make sure it’s ready to work before the weather gets cold. 

Signs Maintenance is Needed

It’s not always easy to tell when there’s something wrong with the furnace, especially for homeowners who aren’t sure what to look for. In some cases, homeowners may notice something is wrong but might not realize it’s the furnace. Below are some signs that having maintenance done now is a good idea. 

Electric Furnace Versus Gas Furnace Maintenance

If the furnace is well maintained, it’s possible to save up to 30% on the cost of heating the home. This does depend on the number of windows and their sizes, the size of the home, the amount of insulation in the home, and more.

Improve the Home’s Air Quality

Through the furnace, the air inside the home is removed and recycled. The air goes through a filter that can help catch dust, pollen, dander, and other debris before it’s put back into the home. By replacing the filter and making sure the airflow is correct, it’s possible to have healthier air inside the home.

Keep the Home Safe

Furnaces will produce carbon monoxide, which should be vented outside of the home. If the furnace is maintained properly by a professional, it’s easier to find potential leaks before they cause health concerns for those inside the home. 

Keep the Furnace Working

Over time, the furnace’s components will wear down and need to be replaced. Our expert technicians know how to tell if something is ready to be replaced or if a replacement can be done later. By having the unit inspected annually, it’s easier to spot and repair potential damage to help prevent a breakdown in the future. 

Help the Furnace Last Longer

As one of the most expensive appliances, furnaces that are well maintained are going to last longer, so it’s not necessary to replace them as quickly. A well-maintained furnace can last five to ten years longer than one that isn’t taken care of. 

Schedule Furnace Maintenance Today

Residents in Fishers use Mister Quik Home Services for heating, cooling, and plumbing services. Our HVAC technicians are EPA certified, know how to recognize any environmental concerns, and have passed background checks before beginning work. We offer a full guarantee on any work done and want to make sure you’re comfortable with the work we do. 

Homeowners run their furnaces frequently during the winter in Bloomington, Indiana. The cold temperatures common in this area lead people to seek comfort in their own homes. The furnace keeps the home at a comfortable temperature while regulating airflow throughout the home. In addition, it captures airborne particles so they don’t make their way through the house. To ensure the furnace remains operational to carry out these tasks, you need to regularly maintain it. Mister Quik Home Services can be of help with this.

What is Furnace Maintenance?

Drivers take their cars in for regular maintenance. They have the vehicle inspected and tune-ups carried out to ensure the car keeps running. The furnace in the home needs similar attention. With routine maintenance, homeowners find they save money because fewer repairs are needed. The furnace remains operational when temperatures drop, and the homeowner has peace of mind knowing their family will remain warm even on those frigid winter nights.

How Often Does the Furnace Need to Be Maintained?

Most manufacturers’ warranties require annual maintenance for their furnaces. However, homeowners might find their system needs maintenance more often. This depends in part on the system’s age, the current operational status of the furnace, and any past repairs.

Mister Quik Home Services in Bloomington recommends having the furnace maintained in the late summer or early fall. The furnace works hard to keep the home warm every winter. It then sits for a few months when the thermostat climbs. By calling for a maintenance visit in the late summer or early fall, the homeowner can be confident the unit will remain operational before the temperatures start to drop.

When to Call for Service

Homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to call Mister Quik Home Services if they suspect their furnace has a problem between maintenance visits. However, many people don’t know what is normal and what is a sign their system is malfunctioning. They may notice something is different in the home without recognizing it is the furnace that is acting up. What are some signs the furnace needs repair?

Water should never pool around the furnace. If you see water in this area or notice condensation anywhere on the ductwork, call us. Strange smells and unusual noises call for a visit from one of our technicians, and the same holds when cold air is coming out of the vents. If your energy bill has been climbing without an accompanying decrease in outside temperatures, your furnace needs to be examined, and our technicians are ready to help.

Furnace Maintenance Tasks

During a maintenance visit, our Mister Quik technician inspects the entire HVAC system, completes a tune-up, and makes any necessary repairs. The inspection includes the heat exchanger and ventilation system. Our technician examines the electrical connections, blower and blower motor, safety controls, and belts. The burner and air filter are checked during the visit as well.

Once the examination of the system is complete, the technician lubricates all moving parts in the system. They make recommendations on repairs, if needed, and answer any questions the homeowner has. If a repair is needed, the technician often can complete this work during the maintenance visit.

Maintaining a Gas Furnace versus an Electric Maintenance

A homeowner may wonder how gas furnace maintenance differs from maintaining an electric furnace. The only difference is in the maintenance of the gas furnace fuel source. Our technician inspects the gas lines and analyzes the gas combustion levels. Manufacturers determine the maximum efficiency levels for their units, but most units come with a maximum efficiency level of 85 percent or higher. This refers to the amount of heat lost when the furnace is operating. An 85 percent efficiency level means 15 percent of the energy produced by the unit comes in the form of exhaust. Newer units may operate at 95 percent efficiency. Our technician ensures the unit operates at the anticipated level.

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

A comfortable home and ensuring the furnace warranty remains in effect serve as the two main reasons homeowners maintain their heating unit. Regular maintenance of the furnace helps to keep energy bills under control. Maintaining the furnace according to the manufacturer’s recommendations can save the homeowner up to 30 percent on their energy bills each month. However, the actual amount saved depends on several factors. For example, the insulation in the home and the square footage of the residence play a role in the energy savings.

Air quality improves when you maintain your furnace. The furnace pulls air from inside the home before recycling it through the heating and cooling system. This system contains a filter that traps dust, dander, pollen, and more before circulating the air throughout the home. Regularly changing the filter helps to remove the particles from the air while improving the airflow of the system.

During normal operation, the furnace produces carbon monoxide, which is then removed from the home with the help of an exhaust pipe. During maintenance visits, the technician looks for gas or carbon monoxide leaks, which can be deadly if not addressed immediately.

Regular maintenance helps to prevent system failures. The Mister Quik technician examines the system to find any parts at risk of failing. Not only does this help to prevent a system breakdown, but it also keeps repair costs under control because failing parts can do additional damage to the system if not addressed promptly.

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of the unit. A well-maintained furnace lasts up to 20 years. Homeowners appreciate this, as this is often the most expensive appliance in the home.

Call Mister Quik today to set up your maintenance visit. Our technicians are EPA certified and trained to handle all of your furnace needs. We want you to be completely satisfied and offer a 100 percent guarantee of our work. We are ready to help in any way we can.

When winter tightens its grasp on Plainfield and the surrounding areas, the cold, wet weather places your furnace under tremendous strain. All that extra work can certainly cause a great deal of wear and tear on your heating system.

Proactively Preventing Heating System Problems

Here at Mister Quik Home Services, we offer seasonal furnace maintenance to help minimize the effects of wear and tear on your heating system and keep excess damage from causing undue problems. Our team of furnace experts has the training and experience needed to handle all types of heating systems, and we know what it takes to keep them in top working order. Contact us to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment, and let us help you make sure your home is ready for winter when it returns.

How Often Should I Schedule Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace maintenance should take place at least once each year. Preferably, you should schedule your appointment during late summer or early fall. That’s the perfect time to combat the months of sitting idle while still catching potential problems before you need to start using the heat again. It’ll get you all set for winter, so you won’t have to worry about the furnace not working when you need it most.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance?

Having your furnace inspected and maintained annually offers several benefits. We’ve already mentioned the aspect of making sure your heating system is ready to go to work when cold weather returns, but that’s only part of the picture. Maintenance also helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns during the winter months. From there, the list goes on. 

Lower Heating Costs

Furnaces lose a percentage of their efficiency each year without proper upkeep from your local furnace experts. That means they’ll consume more energy and cost more to operate. Routine maintenance, though, can save you up to 30 percent on your heating expenses. That’s money you can use for other things, like getting ready for the holidays.

Improved Safety

Gas furnaces can develop leaks over time. They also emit carbon monoxide. Both of those issues place your family and home at risk. If you have an electric furnace, its power connections can become worn and frayed, which also makes for a potentially dangerous situation. During our maintenance calls, we check for ventilation clogs, gas leaks, worn electrical connections, and other issues, and we take care of them so you don’t have to worry about safety.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Routine maintenance also improves your indoor air quality. Dust, debris, and other contaminants gather in your furnace and ductwork, and all those particles will keep recirculating through your home if they’re not removed promptly. As part of our maintenance services, we clean the furnace to get rid of the buildup, so it can’t just keep filtering back out into your house. We also change your air filters if needed to ensure they’re able to remove viruses, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants the way they’re supposed to.

In addition to those advantages, furnace maintenance can extend the life of your heating system. Furnaces are generally designed to last for ten years or so. With annual maintenance, your furnace could last up to twice as long. That means you may only have to replace your heating system half as often, which is yet another way maintenance can save you money.

Book Your Furnace Maintenance Appointment Now to Get Ready for Winter

At Mister Quik Home Services, our technicians are the best in the area. They go through extensive training to be able to bring you the highest level of service and are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. On top of that, we offer a 100 percent guarantee on all our work. We’re equipped to address all your home heating concerns, and our furnace experts cover all the components of your system inside and out.

We’re proud of our role in keeping Plainfield families warm and safe during the winter months, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment today. You’ll see why so many local homeowners bring their heating needs to us.

Brownsburg Furnace Maintenance Services

Most Brownsburg residents don’t give much thought to their furnaces until something goes wrong. In the meantime, these heating units are providing incredibly essential services to their families. They’re keeping residents warm, regulating airflow throughout the home, and protecting families from dangerous airborne particles. Instead of ignoring your furnace when it’s operating as intended, give it the attention it needs and deserves by establishing a regular maintenance schedule.

Providing your furnace with professional preventative maintenance is the best way to keep it working at optimal efficiency for as long as possible. When Mister Quik Home Services sends out an HVAC technician to provide maintenance services, he or she will inspect and tune-up every part of your heating system. What you’ll get in return for a reasonable maintenance fee is a properly functioning system that saves you money on your monthly bills and provides the peace of mind of knowing that your family won’t wind up left in the cold this winter.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about how often you should have your furnace maintained. Most manufacturers’ warranties require annual professional maintenance visits, but your furnace may need more frequent attention. Depending on its age, current operational efficiency, and history of repairs, your system may need maintenance on a bi-annual or quarterly schedule instead.

The best time to perform annual maintenance is from the late summer to the early fall. At this point, your furnace has been sitting idle for months after working hard to keep your family warm. You should make sure it’s in fully operational condition well before winter hits.

Even if you already schedule annual maintenance visits, you may need to call for additional services. If you’ve noticed any of the following problems, call Mister Quik Home Services right away to schedule an inspection, tune-up, and, if necessary, repairs.

If you’ve never scheduled furnace maintenance in Brownsburg, you might be wondering what these visits entail. When you work with Mister Quik Home Services, you can expect comprehensive services. We’ll check:

And more

The maintenance technician won’t stop inspecting the system. He or she will also provide a full report that details any potential problems that need to be addressed. In many cases, the techs can even repair your furnace on the spot.

The primary difference between gas and electric furnaces is the fuel source. Since natural gas furnaces run on gas, which can produce carbon monoxide, technicians have to perform some extra safety checks on gas-operated systems.

If you have a gas furnace, your HVAC technician will inspect the gas lines and check the combustion levels. Every furnace manufacturer has different maximum efficiency levels, but at Mister Quik Home Services, we assume that every gas furnace should operate at 85% efficiency or higher. For newer furnaces, efficiency levels can be as high as 95%.

Reputable furnace manufacturers require periodic maintenance in the terms of their warranties. Maintaining your warranty isn’t the only benefit of furnace maintenance, though. Other advantages include:

Well-maintained furnaces are more fuel-efficient. Scheduling annual maintenance can help you reduce your home’s heating bills by as much as 30%.

Furnaces circulate air throughout your home and its HVAC system. They have air filters to remove pollen, dander, dust, and debris, and those filters need to be cleaned or replaced to keep them operating efficiently. Scheduling routine maintenance can improve your indoor air quality.

Natural gas furnaces produce carbon monoxide. If your furnace is damaged, that CO2 could leak into your home and cause potentially dangerous health problems. Maintaining your furnace helps to prevent CO2 leaks.

Replacing worn-out parts before they break will reduce the chances that you’ll be stuck dealing with an unexpected breakdown. With proper maintenance, you’ll reduce your family’s chances of losing access to heat on the coldest night of the year.

Well-maintained furnaces last longer. Most companies only warranty their products for up to ten years, but proper maintenance can double a unit’s expected lifespan.

Ready to schedule an annual maintenance visit or develop a schedule for future tune-ups? Call Mister Quik Home Services right away. We’ll inspect and tune up your furnace, then help you determine the best schedule for maintaining your equipment.

Westfield, IN Furnace Maintenance Services

Like most Westfield homeowners, you probably don’t think about your home’s heating system very much during the summer months. Once winter returns, though, it’s one of the foremost thoughts on your mind. This is especially true if you turn on your furnace during that first cold snap only to find that it’s not working quite as well as it should or refuses to heat your home at all. If you want to ward off potential malfunctions, it’s best to give your furnace the attention it deserves before cold weather comes back to our area. That means scheduling routine maintenance services well ahead of the first hints of winter’s return.

Making Sure You’re Ready for Cold Weather

Mister Quik Home Services is your local furnace maintenance specialist. We’re committed to helping homeowners in Westfield and the surrounding areas make sure they’re ready for winter. Our furnace experts are here to provide in-depth heating system inspections and maintenance services to guarantee there’s little chance of a breakdown during the chillier times of the year, and we know our jobs inside and out. Contact us today to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment, and let us use our training and experience to your benefit.

What Does a Furnace Maintenance Appointment Entail?

During our furnace maintenance service calls, we conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s heating system. We look for worn parts, visible exterior damage, frayed electrical wires, clogged ventilation, damaged gas connections, and other issues that could detract from your furnace’s safety, efficiency, and functionality. We also take additional measures to reduce the chances of malfunctions down the road.

Those are only a few of the tasks we perform to ensure your furnace is in optimal working order. We’ll go over your furnace’s built-in safety mechanisms and check and calibrate the thermostat, too. We realize that not all furnaces are the same. Because of that, we modify our inspection and maintenance services based on the specific requirements of your heating system.

When Should I Have Furnace Maintenance Carried Out?

All homeowners should have their furnaces inspected and maintained once per year. It’s generally best to do this during late summer or early fall before the cold sets in. Of course, if you suspect something may be wrong with your heating system at other times and you haven’t recently had maintenance performed, you can schedule this type of service anytime the need arises. Some indications that maintenance may be overdue are odd noises or odors coming from the furnace, leaks or condensation appearing around the furnace or its ductwork and vents, soaring heating bills, and inadequate heat.

Why Should I Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments?

Scheduling regular maintenance appointments for your furnace is important for many reasons. Doing so will help keep malfunctions at a minimum and greatly reduce your overall repair costs. It can extend the life of your unit by five years or more, too. Maintenance can lower your home heating costs as well because it helps keep the system running efficiently and effectively.

If indoor air quality is a concern in your home, you won’t have to worry so much when you have routine maintenance performed. We clean out all the debris and contaminants that build up in your furnace over time, so those particles won’t keep recirculating through your home. We also change your air filters to ensure they continue to keep airborne pathogens out of the mix. If necessary, we can also perform duct cleaning services to further purify the air in your home.

On top of all that, routine maintenance performed by furnace experts like us can make your heating system safer. As mentioned, we make sure all your furnace’s integral safety features are working properly and check all the electrical and gas connections to ensure they’re in good shape. We also check for risk factors for carbon monoxide and gas leaks. If we find any problems, we’ll take care of them.

Maximize the Benefits While Minimizing the Risks

At Mister Quik Home Services, we’re here to handle all your home heating needs from installation and repairs to routine maintenance. We’re dedicated to ensuring your furnace works properly, safely, and efficiently, and we guarantee all our work. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment. When you come to us, you can rest assured your home is in the hands of Westfield’s most qualified HVAC technicians.