Most cities in the Midwest have both cold winters and humid, hot summers. Therefore, it is important for Zionsville residents to have both heating and air conditioning systems in good working order.

There are numerous heating and air conditioning systems on the market in a city like Zionsville. Some of the newer HVAC systems are worth considering. Here, we will tell you more about the mini-split HVAC system. We will also let you know who to call for the best mini-split installation in Zionsville.

What Is Mini-Split Air Conditioning?

A mini-split air conditioning system is different than older central air conditioning systems. Central air conditioning is an efficient way to cool the air inside the home.

Central air conditioning systems use two separate units working in tandem to cool the air in a home. The main air conditioning unit is located outside the home and is connected to an indoor unit containing the evaporator coil. The indoor unit is often located in the home’s attic or basement.

The outdoor unit for the AC system contains a refrigerant, which is compressed and then sent indoors to the evaporator core unit. The warm air inside the home travels through the system ductwork to the evaporator coil. Then, the evaporator coil and the refrigerant work together to remove humidity and heat from the inside air and redirect this treated air through the ductwork and into the home. It will be evenly distributed throughout the home through air vents in the walls.

Mini-split systems are a newer technology. They are also comprised of two separate units, with one indoors and the other outdoors. The difference is that the outdoor compressor is connected to the indoor air-handling unit by a series of pipes. There is no ductwork. Instead, the indoor air-handling units are located in the rooms to be cooled forming heating and cooling zones. The hot indoor air is moved to the outdoor condenser where it is quickly cooled and returned to the indoor handling unit which returns cooled air to the room.

The air-handling units in the mini-split system can be mounted to a floor, ceiling, or wall. Multiple air handling units can be connected to the same outdoor compressor. This allows the same system to cool multiple rooms or zones.

The Advantages of a Mini-Split System

Ductless mini-split systems are gaining popularity and now compete with central air conditioning systems. There are some important advantages to consider before deciding on which system to purchase:

Energy Efficiency 

Central air conditioning systems lose up to 30% 0f the cool air as it passes through the ductwork. Air leaks in ductwork are caused by holes and less-than-secure spots where the ducts connect. Mini-split systems have no ductwork and are far more energy-efficient so they save homeowners money on utility bills.

Ease of Installation

If you are installing an air conditioning system in an older house without ductwork, the mini-split system is a good alternative since it does not use ductwork. If a home already has a ductwork system in good repair, you may do well with a central air conditioning system. If there is no ductwork and no room for new ductwork, the mini-split system will save you time and money by not requiring ductwork.

Controlling Temperatures on a Room by Room Basis

Central air conditioning systems cool every room in a house to the same temperature whether they are in use or not. The ductless mini-split system gives the homeowner the ability to install individual thermostats for each room or zone. This makes it possible to cool rooms in use and not waste energy on vacant rooms. It also allows family members to adjust the temperature in their bedrooms to a personal comfort level.

Improved Air Quality

Traditional central air conditioning systems can carry pollutants through the ductwork system and into the home’s air supply. They can carry mold spores, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens, and exhaust fumes if additional air-cleaning steps are not taken.

The mini-split units are equipped with washable and replaceable filters that remove contaminants before they enter the room’s air supply. This gives the home healthier air.

Who Should I Contact for Mini-split Installation in Zionsville?

Contact the experts at Mister Quick Home Services to get the best air conditioning system for your home in Zionsville. We have well-trained, experienced technicians offering top-quality work and excellent customer service. Call or e-mail us today to work with us in deciding on the correct air conditioning system to install in your home. We can help you decide if a mini-split system will meet your needs.