Indiana winters don’t just come with plenty of cold nights and the occasional snowstorm. Zionsville, Indiana residents know they also bring lower humidity levels along for the ride, leading to chapped skin, increased viral transmission, and decreased home comfort. Most homeowners buy portable humidifiers to help tackle this problem, but these devices come with their own issues.

Portable humidifiers must be refilled and cleaned frequently and moved by hand every time residents want to treat the air in a different room. Thankfully, there’s a better way: whole-home humidifier installation in Zionsville, Indiana from Mister Quik Home Services.

Winters in the Midwest are brutal. Homeowners and their families often find themselves spending days at a time indoors just trying to get out of the cold. Home furnaces provide plenty of warmth, but they also dry out the air, causing all kinds of secondary issues.

There’s really no question as to whether it’s worth worrying about humidity in the winter. Stopping it from dipping too low confers numerous benefits not just to the home’s residents, but also to the belongings stored within. Here are just a few of them:

Cold and flu viruses thrive in dry air and they’re more easily transmitted indoors. A whole-home humidifier can help to stop the spread of these germs, protecting the health of inhabitants and guests. In the spring, a humidifier can also help to alleviate allergy symptoms.

Dry air is great for viruses, but it’s terrible for people’s skin. An excessively dry home can leave residents dealing with chapped lips, dry skin, and other uncomfortable problems. Installing a whole-home dehumidifier will create a more comfortable indoor environment.

Wood expands and contracts as humidity levels change, which can lead to cracking and premature wear. An overly dry indoor environment can leave wood furniture, floors, and even structural components with unattractive and potentially destructive cracks.

Now that homeowners know how important it is to keep the air from drying out too much, it’s time to tackle another question: why buy a whole-home humidifier when portable models require less of an upfront investment? After all, whole-home humidifiers must be integrated into the house’s HVAC and plumbing systems, which means they come with added installation costs. 

Is it really worth the money? The short answer is yes. Whole-home humidifiers are much more effective than their portable counterparts. Since they’re integrated into the house’s existing HVAC system, they humidify the air in every area of the home with zero effort. 

There’s no need to move equipment around or deal with constant cleaning. All homeowners have to do is set the humidity level using a digital controller, then relax and enjoy the increased comfort that comes along with alleviating excessive dryness.

After the initial installation, a whole-home humidifier requires next to no maintenance. Just have the system checked once a year by one of Mister Quik’s registered HVAC technicians to make sure everything is in order, then enjoy the consistent humidity levels throughout the winter months.

At this point, some homeowners may still have questions about whole-home humidifiers in Zionsville, Indiana. Some people worry, for example, that the extra moisture in the air will allow mold to proliferate or create condensation on windows, leading to warped frames. What they’re neglecting to consider is that modern whole-home humidifiers come with digital controls that allow homeowners to set them at their ideal humidity levels.

Once a skilled Mister Quik technician has installed the system, homeowners don’t need to worry about excess moisture. They can set the controls to automatically maintain optimal humidity levels of between 35 and 45% year-round. 

Most people associate the problems caused by dry air with winter, but in fact, whole-home humidifiers improve comfort year-round. They enhance the operation of modern air conditioning systems by reducing problems with excessive dryness. 

Even when the AC is running full-blast, there’s no need to worry about damage to wood furniture, dry skin, or exacerbating allergy symptoms. There’s little reason to wait until fall to install a whole-home humidifier given that they’re so effective at reducing the negative impacts of air conditioners. A new installation will provide immediate benefits.

The expert HVAC technicians at Mister Quik Home Services are committed to improving their clients’ indoor air quality year-round. Homeowners who are still on the fence about making the switch to a whole-home humidifier can call to speak with a representative and voice their concerns. They can get all the information they need, including free, no-obligation estimates, before committing to the installation, so there’s no reason to wait. Call today.