Whole Home Humidifiers vs. Store Bought

My wife and I frequently visit the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond store that is near our home. I’ve always noticed their small humidifier section as you enter the store, but have never thought much about it until this past weekend. The reason I’ve never thought much about it is because I have a whole house humidifier and have no need for one of the less effective models that they offer. So what is the difference between these models and a whole house humidifiers that an HVAC contractor can install for you?

Reviewing the prices in the store I noticed that their models ranged from $649 all the way down to $49. Since the $49 priced model is for an individual room and not an entire house, I will focus on the higher priced model of $649, which is rated for more than a single room.

First, which humidifier is easier to operate for the end user?

The store bought model has a reservoir that holds water to create the humidity in your home. This reservoir has to be filled by the user and then re-filled when all of the water has been used. A whole house humidifier, such as the Aprilaire models that we install, hook directly into a water source in the home and produce humidity continually until the desired level is reached.

Which unit does a better job of producing humidity for the home?

As far as producing humidity, they are both going to do that job. The biggest difference is in the amount of space that a unit is going to produce humidity for. The store bought model that I reference above states it will humidify an area up to 900 sq. ft. Our Aprilaire models will do any size home and are not limited to a single room. With a whole house humidifier you will get the humidity benefits throughout the entire home and are not only limited to a small area.

Lastly, a lot of times the product warranty will tell you how well a manufacturer expects their product to perform.

The store bought model comes with a 1-year warranty, whereas the Aprilaire model comes with a 5-year warranty. Once it’s installed you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are going to have 5 full years of stress free humidity in your home.

If you are looking to do a small, individual room, a store bought model from a retail store should do the trick, but it will take some continuous work on your end. If you are looking to humidify your entire home and not have to mess with the continual refilling of the reservoir, then schedule a time for us to show you what other options are available.