Stay Up to Date on Maintenance

We know you have heard it before: “More home maintenance means fewer home repairs.” It’s a phrase we at Mister Quik like to share often, in person, on social media, and right here throughout our blog. While some folks might say it’s just a way for us to attract more customers, the real reason we’re so adamant about the importance of regular home maintenance is because it’s the truth. Maintenance costs you a little to complete, but repairs can cost a fortune!

Mister Quik isn’t in business just to make money. The fact is, we’d make way more of it if we had more service calls involving repairs. But that’s not why or how we do business. We want our customers and everyone who has a home in central Indiana to stay comfortable and safe in that home, while saving money whenever possible.

Long story short … don’t ignore the maintenance. Here are some of the most important things you should be doing on a regular basis at home.


You know how potholes appear after every winter? So do drafts at home. Both are largely due to the extreme temperature changes between the seasons. Houses actually move, with materials expanding and shrinking depending on the weather.

Inspect trim around windows, doors, and other places where air and moisture can get in and out of your home. Replace weatherstripping and caulk that looks old or damaged.


Chances are, you used your furnace nearly every day and night during winter. Likewise, your air conditioning system will soon be put to work. These complex mechanical systems need routine service best performed by a professional, in order to function properly and last a long time.

Contact a specialist like Mister Quik and ask about seasonal tune-up services. Mister Quik offers big discounts on furnace and A/C inspections. Failure to maintain these systems almost guarantees a costly breakdown, which usually occurs in the coldest or hottest months, when HVAC companies are busiest and booked up.

Exterior Materials

Wood decks, brickwork, siding, and roofs. Houses are sturdy structures, but nothing lasts forever. Wood rots, bricks crumble, siding falls, and roofs leak. Weather, temperature, and moisture are some of a home’s biggest enemies.

Give your home a visual inspection on a regular basis, and know what and where to look for. Note any signs of damage and if you’re not comfortable making repairs alone, hire a licensed and insured professional to do the work for you.


How many times have you flushed the toilets in your home? We bet you don’t know the exact answer. But you should know how old the seals and wax rings are.

Check for moisture, water stains, or discoloration on the floor. These are all evidence of a leak, and since our toilets are among our most used appliances, any leakage should be immediately addressed.


Now that our crazy winter is behind us, fireplaces are typically sealed up and left alone until Old Man Winter comes back. That’s all fine; just don’t forget to do one important thing each spring.

If you burn wood in your fireplace, have your chimney swept and inspected every year. Clogged chimneys can cause water damage, allow carbon monoxide to enter a home, and create other problems. If things are too open, animals and debris can get in. Burning wood causes a flammable material called creosote to build up inside the chimney. This substance can catch fire or even explode. What a scary reminder about why maintenance is so important.

These are just a few considerations you may not have thought about for your spring cleaning and home improvement checklist. We encourage you to contact Mister Quik and ask us about our SHAPE plan. This exclusive service agreement provides constant, year-round maintenance from our expert technicians, along with many other customer benefits. When you sign up for SHAPE, Mister Quik will even keep track of your maintenance calendar for you. It’s one more way we provide excellent service and lasting peace of mind.

We hope you’re enjoying this great weather. Now repeat after us: More home maintenance means fewer home repairs!