The Most Neglected Item of Spring Cleaning

air conditioner maintenance

It’s officially spring, and like many others I’ll be getting the deep cleaning items out soon and get to work on tidying up some of the spaces in my home that have been neglected over the last few months. We all know how good it feels once we are done with this spring cleaning – it creates a smell in the air we can’t quite put our finger on but know is there.

But, there is one item the majority of us can’t clean on our own, and actually controls more of the air we breathe in than most other items: our air conditioner system.

OutCoilDirty (1) OutCoilClean (1)

Before and after air conditioner maintenance by our team.

This system continually circulates the air we breathe inside of our homes. When it isn’t cleaned and properly maintained, it circulates the dirty air particles that build up on the system over time. The quality of the air you breathe depends on whether your air conditioning system is properly cleaned by a trained HVAC technician.

We are obviously delivering this information to you because we hope you consider Mister Quik for this maintenance, but I’m equally as concerned with you getting this done even if you don’t use us to do it. Call any HVAC contractor (there are a lot in our area) and have them come do the maintenance on your air conditioner system this spring — just get it done! However, if you want to use Mister Quik, you can schedule to have us out for $89 by clicking here.