R22 Air Conditioners: Going, going, gone…

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R22 air conditioning phaseout

As summer quickly approaches air conditioners will begin starting up for the first time of the year. Many homeowners will find that the cold air will no longer be blowing from the registers and will have to call an Indianapolis air conditioning company for some help.

As our phones begin ringing with these types of calls a common thought of many customers is that there air conditioner needs to be recharged with refrigerant. In some instances this will cure the symptom, but not the problem – however government changes to R22 production levels through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have more than tripled in price since December 2011.

R22 Air Conditioning Units

Beginning in 2010, heating and cooling manufacturers were no longer allowed to produce R22 type units. R410A refrigerant units are the new standard and are what the EPA requires to be installed. R22 has been found to contribute to ozone depletion and produces a byproduct that contributes significantly to global warming. R410A is the EPA required refrigerant and does not contribute to ozone depletion.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Phaseout

The phaseout of R22 began in 2010 and we have just recently begun to see the pricing changes based on available supplies. As supply continues to lessen, we will continue to see a price increase in R22. Below is a schedule from the EPA’s website showing the percent reduction by year:

Year to be implemented

% reduction of R22 production









If you have a R22 system and are worried about the soaring cost of R22 as we move forward, call today to check out Mister Quik’s current equipment replacement promotions. Our Trane Heating and Cooling systems will lower your homes utility bills by up to 35%, increase your comfort level, and use the new EPA required refrigerant R410A.