Quik Guide: Filters #YouNeedOne

If you understand the difference between the types of filters that are sold in stores, you may think twice about what filter you use in your HVAC system. Filters are no different than any other product out there: if it’s cheap, then keep in mind that you are more than likely giving up quality. For example, the blue fiberglass filter that we see a lot of our customers using does not provide adequate filtration and can shorten the life of your equipment. On the flip side, a higher quality filter, such as the 1” pleated, can extend the life of your system.

A quality filter results in a lot of money saved in the long run. We believe that consumers should be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed buying decision, especially when it comes to something as expensive and necessary as your HVAC system. Here is a short informational guide to help you the next time you’re standing in front of the filter aisle at the store.

1″ Fiber Glass

1 inch fiberglass filter

– A see-through, blue fiberglass filter that catches big particles and is easy to install

– Less expensive and lasts less than 30 days before you must change it again

1″ Pleated

1 inch pleated filter

– A moisture-resistant, cotton filter with wire support for maximum filtration

– Captures 90% of Pollen, textile dust, and spores

– Price is economical for how long it lasts which is 30 days

4″ Pleated

4 inch media filter

– An Environmentally friendly, cotton filter with no need for wire support

– A high filtration efficiency makes this the best price for superior quality

– Higher surface area means a longer-lasting filter, 3-6 months

4″ Aprilaire

4 inch Aprilaire filter

– Accordion-style filter with a silk cotton interior, wireframe, and plastic casing to slide/secure into slots

– Best Choices for Allergy sufferers because it catches the smallest particles

– Covers the most square surface area which means replacement is only needed every 6-12 months!

So, the best questions to ask yourself when you’re standing in front of the filter aisle are:
1. How often do I want to change my filter? Is it every 30 days, every 3 – 6 months, or once a year? Will I remember to change it that often?
2. How many allergens do I want to breathe in my home?
3. Do I want to spend a little more on a good filter now? Or do I want to spend even more money on replacing an HVAC system a few years earlier than anticipated?

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge, be sure to use it the next time you are standing in front of filter aisle trying to decide what’s best for your home! If you have any questions be sure to shoot us an email at inquire@mrquikhomeservices.com or give us a call at (317) 563-1081.