Many people do their laundry multiple times a week yet never think about their dryer vent. People are more focused on loading the laundry, making sure it is dry, folding it, sorting it, and putting it away. When load one is done, they move on to the next load, again not batting an eye about the dryer vent.

Everyone must keep their dryer vent in mind when doing laundry. Why would someone need to worry about their dryer vent? A dryer vent can become clogged, causing problems for the dryer and possibly starting a fire.

Luckily, Mister Quik offers professional dryer vent cleaning services in Westfield, Indiana. All technicians are expertly trained and experienced. They have all the tools needed to get the dryer vent clean so the homeowner can go back to not having to think about the vent. While a homeowner may try to clean the vent on their own, Mister Quik technicians have the tools required to clean the entire dryer vent, not just what can be easily reached.

Clean the Dryer Vent at Least Annually

Experts suggest that homeowners have their dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. If those in the home do laundry more frequently than the average household, they may need to clean the vent more often. The following are some signs that it may be time to have the dryer vent professionally cleaned by a Mister Quik technician.

If it takes the clothes longer than usual to dry, the vent could be clogged. If the top of the dryer is hot to the touch, or if the clothes are hot when they are removed from the dryer, these are also signs that it is time for a cleaning. If the flapper on the exterior vent does not open all the way, the vent definitely needs to be cleaned.

What causes the dryer vent to clog? Over time, lint and other materials can build up and clog the dryer vent. If a person suspects that their vent may be blocked, it is important to give MIster Quik a call for a dryer vent cleaning. Ignoring the problem can make the clog worse or even cause a house fire.

The Process of Cleaning a Dryer Vent

One way to help keep dryer vent issues from getting worse is to clean the dryer lint filter after every load. The lint trap’s debris gets pulled into the vent, so the cleaner the lint trap, the cleaner the vent. Even those who clean their vint with every use still need to have their dryer vent cleaned annually.

While a homeowner may attempt to clean the vent on their own, they won’t be able to clean the entire vent the way a Mister Quik technician would. Mister Quik can get the lint and debris that a home cleaning leaves behind. The technicians use a rotating brush and a vacuum to reach through and clean the entire length of the dryer duct and vent.

Hiring a professional for dryer vent cleaning services in Westfield, Indiana, means that people can save themselves time and aggravation. Having a clean vent reduces the chances of a dryer-related fire, which happens a whopping 15,000 times a year.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits in Westfield, Indiana

Having a professionally cleaned dryer vent comes with some sweet benefits. Read on to find out more!

A Dryer That Performs Better

A dryer with a clean vent will perform better than a dryer with a clogged vent. This means that drying the clothes will take less time. The less time clothes spend in a dryer, the less wear and tear they go through.

A Clean Dryer Saves Electricity Costs

A dirty dryer not only has to work harder, but it costs more to operate. A clean dryer gets the clothes dry faster, meaning less electricity or gas is used. Hiring a professional to clean the dryer vent can mean big savings over the year in dryer energy use.

Save Money in Dryer Repairs

A clean dryer does not have to work as hard as a dryer with a dirty, clogged vent. A dryer that has to run longer to get the job done experiences more wear and tear. Having the dryer vent professionally cleaned at least annually can mean fewer dryer repair bills, as the machine isn’t having to work overtime. If the dryer is running efficiently, it may not need as many repairs.

The Dryer May Last Longer

Having the dryer clean and serviced regularly can improve the lifespan of the machine. A dryer with a dirty vent is likely facing wear and tear that the manufacturer didn’t count on. Having the dryer vent cleaned on schedule may mean the dryer lasts longer.

Call Mister Quik for Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Those in and around Westfield,Indiana that want their dryer vent professionally cleaned should give Mister Quik a call. A service appointment will be scheduled, and the tech will arrive on time to get the job done. The technician will thoroughly clean the dryer vent, and the customer will be left happy!