Having a high-functioning air conditioner is more than just a convenience; it’s often a necessity. This device enables a homeowner to successfully control indoor air temperature, airflow, and humidity levels. A well-maintained air conditioner also filters out unwanted substances such as pet dander, dust mites, pollen, smoke, sneeze debris, and tiny skin flakes. Clean, sanitary air is essential for household occupants to keep positive health.

Unfortunately, air conditioners can become faulty due to many situations. Poor construction, misuse, improper maintenance, advanced age, and adverse environmental conditions can all contribute to an air conditioner malfunctioning. When this occurs, it may be time for a new device. It’s a good idea to call a professional at Mister Quik Home Services. Before talking to an AC expert, consider the following factors regarding an AC installation.

Know the Proper Capacity for the Air Conditioner

It’s essential to get the right size air conditioner for the home. A homeowner may only want to treat the air in a few areas of the home. However, it’s a good idea to think about the total size of the home in case this changes. Calculate the size of the home in square footage. It’s acceptable to subtract footage in areas where air control is not needed. In general, every 600 square feet of area will need about 1 ton of AC capacity to keep it cool. Buying an air conditioner too large can result in higher humidity levels and inefficient use of the AC unit. An air conditioner too small can result in higher energy costs and a greater workload on the AC unit.

Costs and Standards of Air Conditioners

A homeowner should research the different models of air conditioners before calling an AC expert at Mister Quik Home Services. A less expensive air conditioner can save money upfront. However, buying a device without certain features may result in less comfort. Likewise, a very expensive air conditioner may have features a homeowner does not need and will not use. Carefully look at the options of different models of AC units. Compare the costs of each unit with the options it has. Remember that AC units at the lower end of a price range may require more maintenance and have a shorter operating life.

Consider Ductwork

It’s practical to know the current condition of the ductwork in the home. These conduits should be clear so air can flow without hindrance. Dirt, dust, debris, and even bugs can form a clog in the vents. When this situation occurs, air must pass through the contamination before exiting the ducts. Also, a new air conditioner will be put under extra strain to perform correctly. Before getting a new air conditioner, talk to a specialist about a ductwork inspection.

The seals of older ducts can become detached. This separation results in treated air escaping the ductwork. The air conditioner will have to work extra hard to keep the home cool. Ductwork services should ideally be done before a final decision is made on getting a new AC unit.

Think About Thermostat Positioning

It’s crucial to position the air conditioning thermostat in the right location. Place this temperature regulator on an interior wall. Avoid a wall that exposes the thermostat to direct sunlight. Natural light can cause false readings. Refrain from putting a thermostat directly above an air vent to prevent incoming air causing a faulty reading. Also, installing a thermostat near the kitchen, windows, or doors can result in a miscalculation of the air’s temperature.

Air Conditioner Placement

A major consideration of an AC installation is the placement of the unit. Some air conditioners are split units. This means these devices have exterior and interior components. For a split unit, it’s advisable to put the outside component on the north or east side of the home. Natural shade helps keep the compressor/condenser cooler during the hottest parts of the day. The interior unit contains the evaporator coil and a filter. Consider placing this part of the unit as close to the middle of the home as possible. A well-sealed room or utility closet is favorable for placement.

Taking these factors into consideration does not have to be overwhelming. It’s simply meant to help a homeowner make a well-informed decision about getting a new AC unit. An AC specialist at Mister Quik Home Services in Westfield, Indiana has the knowledge and experience to help homeowners make the right choice based on a budget and personal needs. The end result is an enhanced living environment for members of the household.