Outdoor Insect Survival Tips

A little while back we highlighted some of the common insects people encounter inside their homes. Since many of us enjoy spending time in the yard, too, forcing those annoying pets outside isn’t always enough. With the weather getting nicer every day, Mister Quik has some simple tips you can do in and around your home to keep bugs at bay.

Landscape to cut back on habitats

If you’ve ever visited a state park or forest, you know that insects love natural environments. Consider this at home, too. Keep your grass mowed short, cut back on overgrown plants, trees, and thick brush. Remove or maintain any natural and artificial items in the yard that collect water.

Use bug repellent

We all hate mosquitoes, but they sure love us. Thankfully, one of the best weapons against biting insects is a spritz or two of bug spray. When heading outside, make sure you cover any exposed area of skin with repellent; the higher the DEET concentration, the better. Citronella candles and those clip-on repellent fans can also be helpful when enjoying an evening out on the porch or deck.

Don’t forget the layers

Another smart step when going outdoors is to dress in layers. Long sleeves, pants, shoes, socks, and hats are a few of the garments that can help keep things like ticks and chiggers off your bare skin. Mosquitoes can still bite through clothing, so consider spraying repellent over your clothes for double the defense.

Maintain that porch or sunroom

Screened-in porches, sunrooms, and gazebos are great for enjoying the outdoors while protecting yourself from the elements, but they don’t do much good when screens are torn. Make sure to regularly inspect screens, mesh, or whatever material your spaces rely on, and make any necessary repairs. The same thing goes for your tent. The last thing a camper wants to deal with is bugs inside the sleeping bag.

Educate yourself and your family

To best avoid insects, you need to think like an insect. Know when and where they breed. Know what they eat and what attracts them. Know the difference between annoying and dangerous insects, and those that are harmless and actually beneficial to your yard. No tool is more effective than knowledge, so equip yourself and your loved ones with it and you’ll all enjoy the great outdoors even more.

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