Indoor plumbing is often taken for granted until an incident occurs and the plumbing is no longer operational. When issues arise, you are quickly reminded how important plumbing is for everyday life. Unpredictable plumbing malfunctions can happen at any time. These malfunctions can be minor inconveniences or catastrophic disasters. Regular maintenance can alleviate many issues, but plumbing issues in Noblesville, IN, are unavoidable. Below, we will delve into some of the most common plumbing issues residents encounter and ways to protect your home against them.

Clogged Drains and Pipes

The most common plumbing issue in Noblesville, IN, is clogged drains and pipes. Many things can cause this, including:



Feminine hygiene products

Avoiding putting objects into the drain is best practice. However, sometimes, that is unavoidable, and objects mistakingly seep through and build up over time, causing a blockage. Many people choose to use drain clog chemicals and other do-it-yourself methods to clear clogs, but that can lead to partial clogs being left behind, causing another problem later. When clogs occur, it is best to seek professional help to ensure the clog has been completely cleared.

There are many common locations in a home where a leak can occur, such as in:







Over time, even minor leaks can cause extensive damage and increase water costs. If a leak has been detected, professional help must be solicited. The quicker the leak is found and repaired, the less costly it will be.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can make everyday tasks difficult. Showers heads and sink faucets slow to a trickle, making daily routines difficult. Low pressure is not only an inconvenience but also a potential sign of a major problem that needs repair. This pressure change is often the result of leaks or clogs and can be the first sign of an underlying problem.

Hard Water

When water is referred to as being hard, it simply means it has high dissolved mineral content. Most of the time, water contains minerals such as iron and calcium. This high mineral content is not dangerous to ingest but can be very damaging to plumbing. These minerals can build up inside pipes and, over time, destroy them. Household items such as soap interact with these minerals and cause the clogging issue to become worse. Clogging is not the only problem hard water can create. This type of water will also cause corrosion of pipes leading to degradation.

Sewer Issues

There are numerous homes in Noblesville, IN, that utilize sewer systems the dispose of waste. These systems contain a pipe that carries the debris away from the house into the septic tank or main sewer line. These lines are prone to problems such as:

Poor installation

Severe clogs

Structural collapse

Tree root intrusions

Broken or damaged sewer lines can cause a large number of problems for homeowners. The problems can completely stop all water and waste from being disposed of. It is not advisable for homeowners to attempt to make repairs. Instead, contact a professional to ensure the repair is made correctly.

Insufficient Hot Water

Most people look forward to a hot shower at the end of the day, and there are few things more inconvenient than running out of hot water before the shower is complete. Although a lack of hot water may not be an emergent situation like some other problems, it is a major inconvenience. Hot water issues can require a simple repair or a replacement water heater, but only a knowledgeable repairman will adequately determine that.


Rainy months of the year can cause flooding issues for homeowners. If you have a basement in Noblesville, IN, there are times that a pump system may have been the only thing preventing your basement from major flooding. Flood water can be destructive in many ways. Just water damage alone can be detrimental, but mold can grow and spread quickly even after the water has receded.

Do not wait until there is an emergency to seek out a licensed professional plumber. It is important that you located a plumber in Noblesville you can communicate with and that knows your home before the crisis occurs.  He or she will be better equipped to handle a situation swiftly and completely. Mister Quik Home Services is already considered an industry leader in heating and cooling needs, but did you know we are also here for all of your plumbing needs? If you have a current issue or simply want to call and get to know our company, contact us now.