Proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit is essential for keeping the system working at optimum performance. Failing to schedule regular service can put your entire system at risk. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to schedule AC tune-ups in Noblesville with Mister Quik Home Services. Once you do, an experienced technician will arrive on the scene to check for problems, clean the unit, and make sure it functions correctly.

If you still question whether you should have your AC checked, consider four reasons to make that call right now.

Scheduled AC Tune-Ups in Noblesville Extend the System’s Life Span

When you invest in an air conditioning unit, you should expect the system to last for over a decade. Properly maintained AC units could function for up to fifteen years. Neglecting to schedule regular maintenance means you can face issues with the system that decrease its lifespan. Spending money on routine maintenance makes it possible to get more from your investment in an AC system by extending its lifespan.

Maintenance of Your AC System Makes It More Dependable

If you want to feel cool on a hot summer day, it is crucial to maintain your air conditioner throughout all the months of the year. Air conditioning units have multiple parts that must function properly together to maintain a cool home. If the system leaks refrigerant or accumulates dust, problems arise.

Scheduling routine AC tune-ups in Noblesville, IN  increases the chance that your AC system will remain in good working condition on the warmest days of summer.

Tune-Ups Improve the Efficiency and Performance of AC Units

The system does not work as intended when something is wrong with the air conditioner. A minor issue can stress other parts of the system, forcing the unit to work harder than necessary to maintain a cool environment. This type of stress on the AC system can lead to worse problems down the road that can become expensive, necessitating repair or replacement.

Keep in mind a system struggling to perform also uses more electricity. Scheduling air conditioning tune-ups in Noblesville once a year helps prevent problems, boost efficiency, and lower energy bills.

AC Tune-Ups Pay Off in the Future

Covering the cost of routine maintenance can prevent more serious issues from arising and lower the cost of running your AC system. The ongoing care you take to keep your air conditioning working properly will help save energy, extend the life of your system, and minimize repair expenses. AC tune-ups are a wise investment to ensure you get the most from your AC unit. 

What Happens During AC Tune-Ups in Noblesville?

When you get an AC tune-up, a technician checks the components of your system and cleans all of the parts. Because air conditioners are complex machines, a skilled technician is the best person to handle the necessary maintenance on your AC system.

Some of the services you get during an AC tune-up are:

Clean the Condenser Coils

Cleaning the condenser coils is imperative to keep your unit running well. This service prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your system.

Calibrate the Thermostat

Making sure the thermostat readings are correct helps keep the system performing reliably and properly.

Inspect the Electrical Connections

During the service call, the technician checks your system for loose connections. If components require adjustment, repairs are typically made during the call.

Evaluate the Coolant Levels

When the coolant level is low, an air conditioner does not work correctly. Plus, low coolant could be the sign of a leak, which must be addressed before it causes serious problems with the machine.

Duct Inspection

A technician also inspects the ducts to make sure they are not clogged. When clogs exist, it reduces the airflow, so the unit does not properly cool your home. As a result, the air conditioner strains to reach your preferred temperature. Clearing the ducts can help the system keep your home cooler. 

Routine maintenance can prevent a multitude of problems. If you see something that does not work right with your air conditioner, it’s time to contact a reputable technician immediately. Indications of problems include odd sounds, weird odors, a frozen system, or the unit does not cool your home.

Sometimes a technician can do a quick fix to get your AC unit in good working order. When you commit to regular air conditioning tune-ups and maintenance in Noblesville, you have peace of mind knowing your air conditioning system will last for years to come.

If you have questions about air conditioner tune-ups, the experienced technicians with Mister Quik Home Services can help. Give us a call today!