Property owners must complete certain steps to maintain their air conditioning system. If the unit fails, the property owner could lose their air conditioning during extreme temperatures. This could lead to serious health risks, and they may face hundreds of dollars in repairs. Proper maintenance services could help them avoid sudden breakdowns or complete system losses.

The Unit Isn’t Producing Cool Air

If the unit isn’t producing cool air, the most common issue is low refrigerant levels. Since property owners cannot handle refrigerants without certification, they must contact an HVAC professional to charge their air conditioning system.

The technicians gauge the gas to determine how high or low the gas levels are. If they are too low, they charge the unit by adding more refrigerants. If the unit is too high, the technicians remove the gas safely with specialized equipment. When setting up AC repair in Noblesville, the property owner can explain the issue to the service provider.

Sudden Odd Noises

Sudden or odd noises coming from the AC unit could indicate an issue with the fan. Technicians review the fan blades first and ensure that the blades are not loose. However, if the noise sounds like ice falling inside the unit, the condenser coil could be freezing.

The service provider will clean the fan and condenser coil to determine if debris is the culprit. A condenser coil may freeze if the refrigerant levels are low, too. Sudden odd noises require the property owner to set up AC repair in Noblesville quickly.

Foul Odors Coming From the Unit

Foul odors are possible if the filter isn’t changed appropriately and if the ductwork is clogged with debris. It is recommended by most HVAC providers that homeowners schedule seasonal cleaning at the end of winter to remove all debris from the ductwork properly. Seasonal cleaning eliminates any debris that could generate unpleasant odors such as pet hair or dandruff.

Throughout the winter, the pet hair and dandruff could accumulate inside the air conditioning unit, too. During AC repair in Noblesville, the service provider recommends filters to remove debris inside the unit, and they complete seasonal cleaning as scheduled to prevent unwanted odors circulating through the home.

Water Leaks and Condensation

As air conditioning units operate, condensation accumulates inside the unit, and the condensation drain allows the water and moisture to drain outside the property. However, if the condensation drain becomes clogged it will not manage the water and moisture appropriately. This leads to water leaks around and inside the air conditioning unit, and the water and moisture can lead to property damage.

If water accumulates inside the home, it could create a welcoming environment for mildew and mold. Both of which present a health risk for the property owner, and mold can spread throughout the property quickly. With AC repair in Noblesville, property owners can get the condensation drain cleaned and repaired quickly.

Frequent Cycling and Engaging 

Frequent cycling or engaging of the system could indicate one of several issues. First, a component is failing and the unit is compensating for the component loss by consuming more energy. The thermostat is failing and cannot gauge the room temperature properly, or there is a draft that is too close to the thermostat and forcing the air conditioning system to engage to achieve the current temperature setting for the unit.

If a component is failing, the property owner needs to set up replacement services for the component, and the service provider will complete an inspection to find the problem. If the thermostat is failing, they will need to replace it promptly, or the unit will continue to cycle too frequently and increase energy costs. If there is a draft around the thermostat, the property owner needs to seal off the leak promptly.

Where to Get AC Services

Mister Quik Home Services provides a full array of HVAC services for property owners, and we offer AC repair in Noblesville. The technicians are well-trained and have knowledge of a full catalog of air conditioning units, and they will provide superior, guaranteed services. Property owners can learn more about our HVAC services by contacting us and setting up an appointment today.

Property owners set up air conditioning maintenance and repair services to maintain their air conditioning systems. The steps prevent sudden breakdowns and keep the units operating longer. With property maintenance and repairs, the homeowner extends the longevity of their AC units.