Whether homeowners in Noblesville, Indiana are looking to install an AC unit for the first time or replace older units that are no longer functioning at optimal efficiency, it’s worth taking the time to investigate options. Every air conditioner is a little different, and choosing the right model can dramatically improve residents’ comfort.

In an ideal world, a new air conditioner will last for around 15 years with proper maintenance, and high-quality models often live up to that promise. Given that residents will be stuck with the appliance for quite some time, it’s very important to choose a model that will meet the family’s needs. Before calling to schedule an AC installation in Noblesboro, consider these seven factors:

Getting the sizing right is the key to providing optimal comfort without running up exorbitant cooling bills. If homeowners choose models that are too small, the AC will run continuously to cool the home, which will hike the monthly energy bills, place undue wear on the equipment, and make it difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures on the hottest days of summer.

Choosing a system that’s too large can be just as problematic. When the AC unit kicks on, it will drive the heat out quickly, then turn back off. Unfortunately, oversized units often wind up rapid-cycling, which leaves them unable to remove humidity.

As with most things in life, homeowners will get what they pay for when they purchase new air conditioners. Cheaper units may have lower upfront costs, but they tend to be less efficient, have shorter usable lifespans, and require more maintenance along the way. Those who have it in the budget are better off buying more sophisticated, high-efficiency models that will save them money on monthly bills, last longer, and require fewer repairs.

Even a high-efficiency AC unit won’t be able to do its job properly if the home’s ductwork is in sorry shape. Old ductwork often becomes clogged and dirty, and they’re prone to developing joint leaks and problems with their seals. Both clogs and leaks can place undue strain on the new AC unit, forcing it to waste energy and work overtime to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Before replacing an AC unit in Noblesboro, make sure the technician performs a full system evaluation. If the ducts need service, now is the time to schedule it to ensure that the new unit will be able to perform at maximum efficiency.

Where an AC unit is installed will directly impact how well the whole system can function. Placing the outside unit in direct sunlight can lead to system overheating, which will leave the machine struggling to keep up with demand and may reduce its longevity. A good AC installation technician will be able to identify the optimal placement for a new air conditioning unit.

An air conditioning system’s thermostat is like a mini control room. Residents use it to adjust the temperature so their homes will stay cool even on the hottest days of summer. Like the outdoor components of a modern AC system, thermostats should be kept out of direct sunlight. If the sun hits the thermostat, the sensor will register hotter temperatures.

Conversely, thermostats should not be placed in dark, cool places like interior hallways. This placement can lead to the opposite problem: the sensor will register comfortable temperatures even when residents are sweltering in the heat. When in doubt, ask the installation technician where the best spot is to install the thermostat.

When installing a new system, the technician will need to connect it to the home’s existing electrical system. It’s important to work with AC techs who have experience performing electrical work, as it can be dangerous. Faulty wiring can also prevent the system from operating as intended and can pose serious safety risks if the unit is connected to the wrong power supply.

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