There is a certain day of the year when residents of the Midwest know that it’s finally time to turn on the heat. Cold weather has arrived, and it’s here to stay for the next several months. As they go to the thermostat and switch on the furnace, there is often a particular odor that arrives along with those first blasts of warm air. If you’ve ever wondered where that bad smell in your heating system comes from when you turn it on for the first time every year, it’s dust.

You’ll never again need a reminder that dust collects in your HVAC furnace after experiencing that smell, and that’s why an HVAC ultraviolet light could be the perfect addition to your home in Noblesville.

How an HVAC UV Light Installation Can Benefit Your Home 

You’re probably wondering if having an ultraviolet light installed in your heating and cooling system could possibly make a difference in the air quality in your home. The truth is: it can! Adding an ultraviolet light brings numerous benefits, including:

Improved Health

One of the major functions of ultraviolet light in your HVAC system is that it works to eliminate mold spores, dust, and other pollution that travel through your ducts and vents. For people with compromised health and conditions such as asthma and allergies or who live with immunity conditions, an HVAC ultraviolet light can greatly improve their quality of life because the light works to destroy these particles before they come out of the vent. The end result improved breathing and better health.

Increased Efficiency

The HVAC unit has to work harder and harder as dust and other pollutants build up inside of the system. A UV light inside the unit works at the source to destroy these foreign pollutants that interrupt efficient heating and cooling. The end result is that the unit uses less energy and this results in lowered utility bills.

Improved Air Quality

It’s not always possible to detect air quality with the naked eye, but you can still breathe terrible air both out in the world as well as while you’re sitting at home in Noblesville.

A UV light on your HVAC unit will improve the air quality inside your house by keeping dust, mold, and other particles from circulating at the vent. HVAC UV lights also help eliminate bad smells by destroying odor molecules as well, giving your home a cleaner scent while the heat is running.

HVAC UV Light System Installations

Getting a UV light system for your home’s HVAC unit is an easy thing to do. It all starts just by calling Mister Quik Home Services for a free no-hassle consultation. Mister Quik uses only industry-leading parts and materials for their HVAC services. Their system can be installed in your HVAC unit and start working immediately to help you breathe easier.

There is a long history of using UV lights to provide cleaner air. More than a hundred years ago, back in 1903, a doctor won the Nobel Prize for Science by using ultraviolet lights to treat skin infections. To this day, ultraviolet lights are used in hospitals, grocery stores, offices, and other buildings to help remove air pollution from the environment. UV lights can even destroy dangerous germs that cause the Norwalk virus and E. coli.

Having a UV light installed in your HVAC unit in the Midwest will work to clean and disinfect the air before it enters your home, making the breathable end-result air as much as 99-percent free of pollution and dirt particles.

Although prolonged exposure to UV lights can be harmful to humans in some cases, such as the case with sunburns or overexposure to tanning beds, the UV light systems installed in HVAC units are completely safe. As a matter of fact, these systems actually harness the same power that causes a sunburn–radiation–and uses it to kill germs, mold, and pollution.

Installing High-Quality UV Lights

The professionals at Mister Quik Home Services are committed to giving you a better and easier life with increased health. Their staff is experienced and trained not only in HVAC units but in assessments of quality also. They are the team that you can depend on for all of your interior air quality and conditioning needs.

Contact Mister Quik Home Services today for a free estimate on UV light installations in Noblesville, IN. There are a variety of options to choose from, and they’ll help you find the right one to fit your budget and your needs.