Warm summers in Noblesville encourage residents to relax, exercise, learn or seek adventure outdoors. That inviting weather is a welcome respite after a damp and overcast winter.

But summer brings its own trials. The summer months often mean high humidity and the issues that come with it, issues that may affect the health of your family, as well as the air quality and structural integrity of the home and its contents.

Astute homeowners desiring to beat that humidity, and bring comfort back to the great indoors, turn to Mister Quik home services. Explore the benefits of whole-house dehumidifiers in Noblesville today.

How Does It Work? A whole-house dehumidifier uses fans to pull humid, warm air over a cold coil, condensing that moisture vapor into liquid form that is drained from the home. The dehumidified air is circulated within the home in the place of the heavy, humid air it replaces. Residents are more comfortable and find it easier to breathe. Air moisture content levels are electronically monitored and adjusted so that the system runs efficiently. But let the professionals at Mister Quik worry about the mechanical intricacies. Once installed, homeowners can simply enjoy the benefits of drier, cleaner, more comfortable air, breathing easily knowing the indoor air is no longer a breeding ground for mold and allergens that threaten human health.

Benefits of Whole House Dehumidifiers 

Whole-house dehumidifiers remove excess moisture that can lead to serious health issues. High humidity can adversely affect the structure and personal belongings. Portable devices may be less expensive but they must be moved from room to room manually. They do not provide a whole-house solution. Portable units must be maintained and perhaps emptied of water. Fortunately, there exists a far more efficient and convenient alternative: whole-house dehumidification.

Whole-house dehumidifiers will transform every room in your home, leading to more uniform, comfortable, and healthier air and a healthier you. A whole-house dehumidifier provides many benefits:

Mold Prevention

As mold thrives on moisture, high humidity indoors often leads to the propagation of mold spores. The serious health problems associated with mold are well documented. Mold can cause and exacerbate asthma and allergies, as well as respiratory and sinus infections. Some molds may trigger serious medical issues. Because mold thrives in the damp and dark, homeowners can keep mold from gaining a foothold by reducing indoor humidity.

Eradication of Dust Mites

Microscopic dust mites thrive in humid environments and contribute to allergies and asthma. Maintaining a constant, low indoor humidity level creates a hostile environment for dust mites. Fewer dust mites in the home mean inhaling fewer dust mites.

Structural Integrity

The skeleton of most homes is wooden, and the soundness of that wooden skeleton may be adversely affected by excessive humidity. Wood cabinetry, shelving, floors, windows, and doors may warp in response to excess moisture.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Whole-house dehumidifiers will reduce or eliminate the damp odors that cling to carpet, curtains, and linens. The home and everything inside will smell cleaner and fresher. Homeowners might then use scents to enhance the quality of life rather than to cover up unpleasantness. Sleep will come more readily and be deeper in a moisture-controlled environment. And breathing will come easier. 

Air conditioners strain to cool moist air. As a dehumidifier dries the air, less strain will be placed on the air conditioner in cooling the house; it will not need to run as long or as frequently. Whole-house dehumidifiers can lower your energy bill while also reducing the wear and tear on the air conditioning equipment.

Getting Whole-House Dehumidifiers in Noblesville

Mister Quik Home Services is a leading supplier of whole house dehumidifiers in Noblesville. We install only the best equipment, and installation requires only a few hours. Our technicians are EPA certified and have a clear understanding of the effect of indoor air quality on human health, the structure and contents, and your quality of life. Our techs will describe the features of the equipment we offer, from the Aprilaire 1830 70 Pint Basement Pro Dehumidifier, which works best in smaller homes, to the Aprilaire 1850, 95 Pint Basement Pro Dehumidifier, which is perfect for whole-home dehumidifying.

Call Mister Quik now for a consultation on whole-house dehumidifiers in Noblesville. Your installation will be accomplished quickly and efficiently at the best price. Then you can breathe easily, knowing that the air is more comfortable and healthier and that the installation was done right by experienced professionals.