Homeowners understand the importance of maintaining their AC systems and keeping their homes at a comfortable temperature throughout the summer. If the systems fail, the property owner could face dire circumstances as temperatures soar. AC repair services can mitigate these risks and restore the air conditioning systems quickly.

HVAC professionals are trained in AC repairs for a multitude of systems, and they will complete the repairs as quickly as possible. They will provide comprehensive estimates for all repair services and explain what services are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for the products.

Clogged or Blocked Fans and Motors

HVAC professionals mitigate risks associated with clogs and blockages, and they start with seasonal cleaning services. HVAC technicians open the units and remove all debris. They will use blowers to flush out dirt, leaves, and debris from the exterior unit. They use spray chemicals to clean the components and remove grime, excessive grease, and dirt that accumulated on the components.

The interior unit is vacuumed out and chemicals are sprayed onto the components to remove debris from them. Condenser coils, fans, and other components must be clean and free of debris that could affect how they operate. If the property owner has pets, the technicians will inspect the units for dandruff and pet hair, and they will remove it thoroughly.

Frozen Condenser Coils

If the condenser coil freezes, this could indicate that the fins are bent and don’t allow the heat exchange process to be completed. The refrigerant levels could be lower and require a new charge of the gas. Certified technicians are necessary for recharging the units since federal laws prohibit anyone without proper training from handling the gas. If these issues aren’t the culprit, the technician will need to replace the condenser coil to restore the AC unit’s functionality.

A Failing Compressor

The compressor sends power to the refrigerant and engages the condenser coil to pull heat from the home and replace it with cool air. If the compressor doesn’t work, the system will not operate properly and won’t distribute cool air as it should.

Compressors are major components for AC systems, and if they aren’t working, the property owner must replace them immediately to restore their AC system. However, the components could prove costly. If the property owner has scheduled frequent repairs for the compressor or installed a new component within the last year, the system may be faulty.

A Tripping Circuit Breaker

If the circuit breaker continues to trip, the AC technicians must test the motor and compressor. The components could be overheating because of a blockage, or the components have failed and must be replaced. Typically, the air conditioning unit is set up on its own breaker and no other appliances are connected to the same circuit.

This lowers the risk of a circuit overload as the system engages. The first task is to evaluate the breaker and determine if it or a fuse is no longer viable. If the problem isn’t in the breaker box, the next task is to evaluate the power requirements for the system. Inferior installation teams will not review wiring and voltage compatibility. If the system is operating on a different voltage, the system must be replaced with a model that is compatible.

Checking the Drain Lines

If water is leaking from the air conditioning system, the condensation drain is clogged, and the AC technician must clean it out. If it is faulty, the drain must be replaced to ensure proper system drainage. If water continues to drain into the unit and around the casing, it creates property damage, and mold will form everywhere that is wet or damp. The property owner will need to schedule mold remediation services promptly and contact their homeowner’s insurance carrier.

Where to Get AC Repairs

Mister Quik Home Services offers AC repair services and new installations for local property owners. They conduct inspections to locate the source of the problem and give homeowners complete estimates for all services. The service providers offer superior customer service and address all questions from customers quickly. Property owners can learn more about AC Repair in Martinsville, Indiana by contacting the service provider directly.

Property owners schedule AC repairs at the first sign of an issue, and prompt services can prevent service disruptions. Failing components lead to higher energy costs, and the unit won’t produce cool air as expected. Summer brings with it extreme temperatures, and the temperatures present serious health risks without air conditioning. Property owners can learn more about AC services by contacting their preferred service provider now.