Letting In More Natural Light

Do you suffer from a dark home? Wooded areas, crowded neighborhoods, and less than ideal home designs are all reasons for a lack of natural sunlight reaching your house.

If moving or chopping down the forest aren’t options, there are still several steps you can take to allow more light inside. Here are five things you can do.

1.) Install more windows.

It is common sense that the more windows your home has, the more light you can let in. Tall, wide windows allow for maximum exposure. Consider your home’s orientation with the sun, and add windows on the exterior walls that face its natural movement throughout the day. Stairwells and other tight spaces are often dark, so if these spots share an exterior wall, think about adding a small window there, too.

2.) Look up for ideas.

If your home has long, deep eaves, new windows may not offer complete sunlight satisfaction. Instead, think about adding skylights to your home. Tubular skylights, or solar tubes, work well in spots where traditional skylights can’t be installed, and help diffuse natural light over wide areas. Solar tubes are an easy way to add warmth and comfort to just about any spot at home.

3.) Add reflections.

Mirrors work wonders in shady spaces. In addition to their reflective capabilities, mirrors also make rooms feel bigger. If you love the view out of a particular window, place a nice mirror on the opposite wall in the room, and enjoy the viewing experience even more.

4.) Tear down this wall.

Many homes, especially older ones, can feel tight or cramped inside. By bringing down superfluous interior walls (not load-bearing walls), you can create a much more bright and open floor plan. Fewer walls mean more natural light is allowed to spread to further reaches in your home, without the need for additional windows.

5.) Consider your colors.

For a lot of homeowners out there, budgets just don’t allow for major upgrades and overhauls. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! Consider painting over dark walls with lighter, softer colors or adding lighter furniture, flooring, and other accents. Likewise, bright, deep colors can give a room a cozier feel, making it seem more connected to nature. And never forget the impact a few well-placed houseplants can have on the liveliness of an otherwise dull space.

Heat and humidity can affect a home’s sense of living, with or without adequate sunlight. Even the brightest house can feel dreadful during summer. Talk to Mister Quik about our many expert home HVAC solutions designed to add comfort and efficiency. From air conditioning to dehumidification, customizable home zoning and much more, Mister Quik can make all of your spaces more comfortable places to call home.