A home is more than just a roof overhead. It is meant to be a place to be stress-free and full of tranquility and comfort. Few things can disrupt that stress-free environment faster than plumbing problems, especially when those issues involve sewer line problems. These problems can fill a home with stress and frustration.

Here at Mister Quik Home Services, we strive to eliminate burdensome problems. Our team of trained expert technicians is only a phone call away and can fix all sewer line issues in Lebanon, IN. We can ensure that your sewer line is correctly repaired through efficient and effective services. Our staff takes pride in what they do, and it is reflected in the high-quality work that is performed. Let Mister Quik Home Services take care of your sewer line problems before they turn disastrous.

How a Sewer Line Works

The sewer line of a home’s plumbing system plays an important role. Most residential sewer lines range from approximately four to six inches in diameter. These pipes are responsible for connecting the home’s drains to the city’s main sewer line or individual septic system. The lines are below ground, usually behind the house. It is most effective if the line runs downward away from the home so that the wastewater runs away from the house towards the main city sewer system or septic system.

Signs of a Problem

It is not difficult to notice when a sewer line has a clog. Even small clogs can cause major problems in a home. There are some obvious signs that a clog exists, including:

Toilets drain directly into sewer lines when flushed, so when there is a clog, it is often noticed first when flushing the toilet. Other types of plumbing lines, like kitchen and bathroom sinks, run through a pipe system before emptying into the sewer line. So these drains often start showing problems by draining slowly before completely clogging up. Minor issues can quickly become more advanced, causing wastewater back up and flooding that can create major damage to a home. One or a combination of more than one of the above mentions symptoms can indicate a clog. If this is the case, it is important to contact Mister Quik for sewer line repair in Lebanon, IN.

How We Can Help

At Mister Quik, we take a thorough approach to sewer line repair. Sewer line repair can be a complicated job, so we never cut corners. We have a complete inventory of industry-leading equipment and technicians to ensure the job is completed properly. We start with a full diagnostic test of the lines so that the problem is correctly identified and repaired. Regardless of if there is a clog or sunken and cracked lines, we can fix it quickly and completely. Mister Quik technicians use a technique called hydro jetting that eliminates debris and clears all buildup along the walls of the drain. If hydro-jetting is not sufficient to clear the problem, we will roll up our sleeves and perform a traditional dig repair.

How to Schedule Repairs

If there is a possible sewer line blockage, an appointment with a Mister Quik technician is imperative. Scheduling an appointment is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Call or visit the Mister Quik website to schedule an appointment.
  2. Our staff will contact you when the technician is on the way so that you do not have to wait.
  3. The technician will assess the damage and provide a cost estimate.

A Different Approach

If you are looking for a company in Lebanon to complete a wide variety of home repairs, then look no more. Mister Quik is a family-owned company that makes sure our customers are the top priority. Our exceptional services compare only to our top-notch customer service.

No one appreciates surprises when the invoice is received. That is why we offer up-front pricing to our customers. To add additional peace of mind to our customers, we perform background checks on our technicians. We are committed to providing the best possible experience to our customers in Lebanon, IN. Do not wait to have your sewer line repaired. Contact Mister Quik today.