Quality Furnace Replacement Services in Lebanon, IN

You rely on your furnace to keep you, your family, and your home warm and toasty all winter long. Unfortunately, furnaces do not last forever, and there may come a day when you go to adjust the thermostat only to realize your furnace has kicked the bucket. No worries, though, as Mister Quik Home Services offers quality and affordable furnace replacement services in and around Lebanon, IN.

How Long Should a Furnace Last?

While there is no magic number of years that every furnace will last, some families get lucky and have their furnaces last twenty years or more. Taking good care of your furnace can help extend the unit’s life and give you the biggest bang for your buck. Help your furnace last by having it inspected annually, changing the filters regularly, and cleaning the burner as needed.

Ensure your furnace is inspected before temperatures drop so you aren’t in for a frosty surprise when winter hits. If you feel like you are constantly having your furnace repaired, and it costs an arm and a leg in upkeep, it may be time to consider replacing that old furnace. Buying a new furnace can have huge benefits.

Do I Need to Replace My Old Furnace?

If your aging furnace is untrustworthy, it might be smart to have it replaced. Doing so can mean you no longer have to worry about breakdowns and costly repairs. This is another reason to have your heating system inspected annually before winter hits, as it is smart to replace a furnace before the temperatures drop below freezing and the family is left in the cold.

Below are some signs that it is time to upgrade to a new, reliable furnace.

The above are signs that the furnace may need to be replaced. Newer furnaces may need a tune-up, while older models may need to be completely replaced. Whether you need a repair or a complete replacement, Mister Quik Home Services can help.

What Are the Different Types of Furnaces?

There are several types of furnaces that people in Lebanon, IN, can choose from. Each model will require specific ducts in the home, an upfront investment, and ongoing fuel or electricity charges.

Electric Furnaces

Some people choose electric furnaces because they are less expensive upfront. Electric furnaces are easy to maintain, but they are more expensive to run. People who live in warmer climates typically have this type of furnace.

Propane Furnaces

When other fuel sources are expensive or scarce in an area, a propane furnace can be the way to go. These furnaces are usually smaller and take up less space. In addition, an HVAC professional can convert this type of furnace to run on natural gas.

Mini-Split Systems

If you want a model that can heat and cool the home, a mini-split is the way to go. Ductwork is not required, and they take up little space, which is great for smaller homes. However, because this type of model heats and cools a home, it can be more expensive than other types of furnaces.

Quality Furnace Replacement Services in Lebanon, IN

If you live in or around Lebanon and have a problem with your furnace, give us a call. Mister Quik Home Services is available for all your furnace needs! Also, be sure to ask about current furnace specials.