Homeowners need routine maintenance services for their air conditioning system, and HVAC technicians can complete the services before the beginning of summer. Routine maintenance decreases the risk of service disruptions and gives the technicians a chance to find problem areas before the extreme temperatures of summer set in.

Property owners must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining their AC system or they could void the warranty. Skilled HVAC professionals understand how to complete the tasks as directed and give the homeowner many years of cool air.

Gauging Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels must be gauged before starting the air conditioning unit, too. If the refrigerant levels are not correct, the air conditioning unit will not produce cold air as it should. The technicians can review the current levels and determine if they need to charge the AC with more refrigerant.

If the levels are unstable, there could be a leak in the line, and the technician will need to find it before adding any more refrigerant. After they repair the leak, the HVAC experts can restore the refrigerant levels, and the system should operate as expected.

Complete Debris Removal Services

Seasonal cleaning is a necessary part of air conditioning maintenance, and the homeowner should schedule the service before they start the AC for the summer. Debris will accumulate inside the exterior and interior units while the unit is not in use. The technicians will remove the panel from the interior unit and vacuum it out. They can use spray cleaners to remove debris from the condenser coil and major components.

They will remove the casing from the exterior unit and clean all the leaves and other debris from the unit. They use blowers to remove dirt from around the components and then spray them with chemical cleaners. This will give the property owner a fresh start when they are ready to start their air conditioning unit for the season. It will also eliminate any existing blockages that could prevent the system from distributing air properly throughout the home.

Testing the Thermostat

Thermostats must gauge the room temperature and engage the systems when the room temperature is higher than the current setting. If the thermostat is not working properly, it will not gauge the temperature correctly and could cause the system to cycle more frequently.

HVAC technicians review the thermostat and test it to ensure proper operations. If it is not working properly, they will recommend a replacement product to manage the temperature reading correctly. A programmable thermostat provides more benefits for homeowners and gives them more control over their AC system. They can adjust the settings for the system to run at different temperatures throughout the day or night, and it can be connected to smart home systems to give remote access to the thermostat.

Evaluating the Ductwork

Ductwork is evaluated to ensure that it is the proper size for the property. If the ductwork is too small, it will not distribute air throughout the home properly, and there will be temperature irregularities. If the ductwork is too large, the cooled air could leak around the edges and blow underneath the home or into attic spaces.

Where to Get Maintenance Services

Mister Quik Home Services has a long history of providing exceptional HVAC services, and they offer comprehensive services for homeowners. The service provider completes inspections, routine maintenance, and repairs. Their technicians are skilled in repairs and installations for a variety of AC systems. Property owners can learn more about AC Tune-Ups in Lebanon, Indiana by contacting the service provider directly.

Property owners must follow careful steps each year to ensure their AC system operates all summer long. HVAC technicians understand the requirements for the systems and complete inspections and seasonal cleaning services for all property owners. If there is an issue with the AC unit, it is best to find out before the summer starts. The skilled technicians can complete repairs or replace the entire unit quickly. Property owners can learn more about the services by contacting a service provider now.