AC Installation in Lafayette

Installing an air conditioner can greatly improve the comfort of your home. Whether you’re thinking about installing a system for the first time or looking to replace an older model that is no longer doing its job, take the time to learn about different air conditioner models.

Ideally, your new air conditioner should last for about fifteen years. When you’re buying an appliance that will last for so long, you will want to ensure that the system you purchase will meet your needs.

Before you call a technician about AC installation in Lafayette, consider the following seven factors.

Install a System That is the Correct Size

Any system you install needs to be the correct size for the space you wish to cool. If you select a system that is too small, the air conditioner will need to run continuously in its effort to cool your home. This can lead to costly energy bills and a home that may not stay at your ideal temperature.

If your system is too large, it will work to reach the temperature quickly, but when it turns on and off in a rapid cycle, it will fail to remove humidity properly.

Quality and Costs

You will likely need to look at the costs of various units. A low cost upfront could mean the machine is of lesser quality. Lower quality systems will likely be less efficient, leading to higher energy costs, a lower life span, and more maintenance costs over time. A technician can help you understand your options when you’re considering AC installation in Lafayette.

Ductwork and AC Efficiency

Ducts must be in good condition to allow the air conditioner to do its job. If you install a new AC unit, but your ducts are clogged and dirty, the machine will not be able to perform its job.

Older ducts may have issues with their seals, as well. If the duct joints leak, the AC unit’s cold air will escape, and the air conditioner will need to work overtime to keep the temperature down. This will also waste energy.

Proper AC installation in Lafayette will require a technician to check your ducts and perform service on them if necessary.

Durable Models

A durable air conditioner will last longer and require fewer repairs. It is essential to consider how well the various models are likely to hold up to prevent future costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

Where to Install

The place where you install your new air conditioner is important because it will impact how well the system functions. If you place the AC unit in direct sunlight, you may find that the system overheats. Overheating machines will require maintenance more often, and the additional strain could cut down their life expectancy. Before completing AC installation in Lafayette, take time to find out the optimal placement for the unit.

Consider Thermostat Placement

Your thermostat determines how hot or cold a given room is by using the temperature around the thermostat. If the thermostat sits in the sun, it might mistakenly assume that your home is too warm.

Suppose the thermostat is in a dark hallway. In that case, it may believe that the house is colder than it is and therefore signal to the air conditioner that the temperature is suitable when your home is uncomfortably warm in the places where you spend most of your time.

Electrical Wiring Concerns

Your new system will need to be connected to your home’s electrical systems. Electrical work can be tricky. When you find a technician to complete your AC installation in Lafayette, you will need to ensure that they have experience in performing electrical work.

The system might not work correctly if your wiring is faulty. It may also create serious risks if you choose to install a unit to an inappropriate power supply. Once the system is in place, there should be no exposed wires, either. Remember that faulty electrical work can create a fire hazard.

Once your AC installation in Lafayette is complete, you may want to consider some ways to improve your air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Keeping the area around the outdoor unit clean is one way to help the system perform well. Closing your curtains or blinds when you are not in a room will prevent the sun from baking the inside of your house and forcing your AC to work harder than it needs to. At Mister Quik Home Services, we have technicians that can help answer all of your questions about air conditioning units. Having an experienced technician to install your unit and perform regular maintenance will improve the way your system functions and allow it to keep working for many years to come.