As summer draws to a close and temperatures begin to drop, people often go to cut their heat on. They don’t worry about doing so, as they have been maintaining the system and know it will work when they need it. However, when they cut the system on and turn it to heat, the smell of burning dust from the ducts and heating element wafts through the home. This unappealing smell alerts homeowners to the presence of dust and other particulate matter in the different components of the heating system. Individuals who wish to avoid this issue should consider an HVAC UV light installation in Plainfield to help keep the heating system components clean. Mister Quik Home Services can help with this.

The Benefits of HVAC UV Lights 

People may wonder why they need to spend the money to have an HVAC UV light installed. Does it really improve the air quality in the home? Experts say the installation of the light makes a major difference in the home’s environment. How does it do so?

Improved Health

The health of the home’s occupants improves with the installation of the UV light. Pollutants, including dust and mold spores, accumulate in the HVAC system. Technicians find them in the ducts and air vents along with other components of the system. When the system runs, it spreads the contaminants throughout the residence, and occupants breathe them in.

Individuals suffering from allergies or asthma, those who are immunocompromised, senior citizens, and young children remain most susceptible to health problems resulting from poor air quality. The HVAC UV light eliminates the pollutants before they make their way through the home. As a result, everyone breathes easier.

Reduced Energy Usage

The installation of an HVAC UV light in Plainfield reduces the workload of the heating and cooling system. It becomes easier for the system to circulate fresh air through the home. The light eradicates the foreign matter that interferes with proper operation. This leads to the system working more efficiently, which translates to lower energy bills. In fact, installing a UV light can cut heating and cooling bills by up to 35 percent. Owners often find their system works like new again once they have this light installed, and the cost is much less than a person would pay to purchase a new system.

Better Air Quality

People often don’t realize they have problems when it comes to air quality in their homes. Nevertheless, the EPA reports air within a home is typically dirtier than the air humans breathe when outside. The UV light scrubs mold, dust, and other pollutants from the system, so they don’t make their way throughout the home. The UV light also eliminates odor molecules, so the entire home smells better.

Increased Home Value

Potential buyers appreciate knowing the air quality in the home won’t harm their health. Homeowners who make this investment find it may be used as a selling point when the time comes to buy the home. This may even make the difference between a sale and a potential buyer moving on to another property.

HVAC UV Light Installation

Men and women may hesitate to invest in an HVAC UV light because they worry about how involved the installation process will be. They don’t want their lives disrupted for long periods. Fortunately, they can eliminate this concern. Technicians install the lights within a matter of hours, and the occupants begin breathing easier immediately.

Individuals have used UV lights for more than a century to clean the air. In fact, back in 1903, a doctor received the Nobel Prize for Science for his work in this field. He used the lights to treat skin infections. Today, grocery stores, hospitals, and more use lights of this type to disinfect the air, and the lights eliminate contaminants like E. coli and the Norwalk virus.

The lights sterilize the air before it makes its way into the home and can successfully remove 99 percent of the particulates present in the environment. Many individuals worry about their exposure to UV light, as they know UV rays from the sun can burn their skin. However, they aren’t exposed to the light, as it is incorporated into the HVAC system. While hidden away, it preserves the good air while killing the bad elements that can harm one’s health.

Mister Quik remains committed to making life easier for its clients while improving their health. The trained technicians understand HVAC units, air quality, and more, which allows them to provide recommendations that will benefit the client. Call on us today to handle your HVAC UV light installation in Plainfield or for anything you need when it comes to your HVAC system. We are happy to help.