Plainfield, Indianapolis, may not be the most scorching and humid climate in the world, but the summer can still pack a punch. The sweltering summer heat can be relentless during the summer. Oh, if only there could be some relief from the humidity! Well, there is a perfect solution that we at Mister Quik in Plainfield can offer you.

A mini-split HVAC system is just one of the many types of air conditioning units that we can install. It has many perks and is very desirable for homes in the Plainfield area. We’ll talk you through what a mini-split HVAC system is and who to call to get one installed.

What Exactly Is a Mini-Split HVAC System?

You’ll get a better understanding of what a mini-split HVAC system is if we look at one of the more commonly used air conditioning systems, the central air system. Many consider it to be the most efficient air conditioning unit as it evenly spreads the cool air around the room.

The system comprises two units, one is a unit placed outside of the house, called a compressor, and another is called the evaporator coil. This is located inside the home but usually in the attic or basement. The warm air is drawn in from outside your home, and the cold evaporator coil absorbs the heat. Inside the coils is a refrigerant that acts as a cooling agent. The unit then blows cold air out into your home, and the warm air is dispersed back out.

There can still be multiple air conditioning units attached to the one compressor that’s outdoors. It’s one of the most efficient as it uses the heat already in the air to turn to cool air.

Mini-split air conditioning systems are very similar to this as they are also comprised of two separate units, which include an outside compressor also. They are also known as ductless air conditioning units as they don’t contain ducts as central air conditioning systems do. There is also an AC unit placed in the desired room that needs to be cooled. The unit is connected to the compressor via pipes. Often these are placed at the top of a wall just below the ceiling or on the ceiling. Hot air moves through the pipes, where it’s cooled and returned to the room. It’s a very similar technology to the central air systems and can be just as cost-effective. Our experts at Mister Quik in Plainfield can install it for you with zero hassle.

Why Should You Get One?

There are so many advantages to having a mini-split air conditioning system installed. It’s a great piece of technology to have in your home that will keep you cool and relaxed all summer. Here are some more incredible benefits:

We Can Easily Install It

Every home will benefit from a modern and efficiently functioning air conditioning unit this summer, and our experts at Mister Quik in Plainfield can have it installed easily for you. It’s not something that you can do yourself, so call our experts today to get more information. There’s no complicated ductwork involved in this, so it’s perfect if you’re moving into a new home and want an easy AC unit installation.

It Saves You Money

A mini-split air conditioning system is highly effective and energy-efficient, meaning it’s kind to your wallet. In this day and age, homeowners are always looking for ways to save money and making sure you have a modern mini-split AC unit installed by one of our experts will do just that.

Control The Temperature Throughout The House

A common complaint against a central air system is the lack of control over the temperature around a home. Every room in the home has to be cooled to the same temperature, whereas a mini-split system can be adjusted in every room as each AC unit placed in the room is individually controlled. Plus, this helps to save a little bit of money as not every single room has to be cooled at the same time. Rooms not being used can simply be left alone.

Better Air Quality

A mini-split air conditioning system is a relatively modern HVAC system in comparison to some of the more traditional models that can be found in older homes. These models often bring in pollutants from the air as the filter system is not efficient. Pollen, debris, dust, and much more can work their way into your home. With a mini-split air conditioning system, the filters can be taken apart and cleaned or changed, meaning the air you breathe will feel purer than ever.

Who Can You Contact For Mini-Split Installation in Plainfield?

Our expert team at Mister Quik is on hand to answer any questions you might have about the mini-split HVAC system. Our expert team can talk you through the installation process and have a mini-split HVAC system in your home within days.