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Indiana Heater Repair

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Heater Repair in Indiana

Whether it’s the middle of the night or a weekend holiday, we’re here to help you get your heat back on quickly and efficiently. We know that no one wants to shiver in the cold, so we make it a priority to respond to emergency calls promptly.

When our Technicians arrive at your home, they will perform a thorough assessment of your furnace to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Once they have a diagnosis, they will provide you with a comprehensive estimate for the repairs.

Warning Signs

Indiana homeowners, don’t wait for a full heater breakdown to call Mister Quik for furnace repair!

A heater breakdown in the middle of a cold winter can be a major inconvenience and even dangerous. That’s why it’s important to call Mister Quik right away at the slightest sign of trouble.

We offer extensive heater repair services, including Emergency Furnace Repair. If you notice any of the following, call us right away:

  1. No heat
  2. Weak heat
  3. Strange noises coming from your furnace
  4. Unusual smells
  5. Increased energy bills
  6. Pilot light won’t stay lit

Don’t wait for a minor problem to become a major one. Call Mister Quik today for fast, reliable furnace repair in Indiana.

Air Filters & Thermostat Problems

Homeowners who install the wrong size of air filters or install them incorrectly can cause problems for the furnace. At Mister Quik, we measure air filters when inspecting your heating system, and we can help you find the right model and size. Our technicians will also help determine how often your filter should be changed based on your habits and household makeup.

Thermostats that do not function properly can cause an emergency. If a heater is not responding to a thermostat, it may lead to inadequate heating or overheating. This requires immediate repair.


Choosing Mister Quik

Our technicians are the best in the industry. We hire professionals and require them to undergo a background check and drug test. This allows you to feel safe when you allow them into the home for maintenance or repair work.

Men and women who choose Mister Quik for heating repairs in Indiana. know they have an expert who will resolve their problem quickly. Our industry-leading Mister Quik Promise ensures customer satisfaction with every job we tackle, as we don’t leave until we have achieved this goal. This promise applies to every job we take on, including maintenance calls and emergency repairs.

Regardless of what a customer needs with their heating system, Mister Quik is here to help. Our business continues to expand to meet the needs of residents in Indiana and the state of Indiana. Our family values guide us in every transaction with customers. Call us today for your heating needs. We will help in any way we can.

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Signs that it's Time for a Heater Repair

  1. Pilot Light Problems: A furnace’s pilot light is an important part of the heating system. If the pilot light is clogged, it will not heat the air properly. Pilot light issues worsen over time. Don’t wait to get this problem checked out. When our technicians do an inspection, we make sure your pilot light is working properly. If it is clogged, we will clean it and test it again to make sure it’s working. If needed, we’ll replace the pilot light to get the heater functioning like new again.
  2. Short Cycling: When homeowners set their thermostat to a certain temperature, the heating system should cycle consistently. If the heater is constantly running or has very inconsistent cycling patterns, there may be a bigger issue. Our technicians at Mister Quik have repaired many heaters in Indiana and can quickly repair any cycling issues.
  3. The Smell of Gas: This is an incredibly dangerous sign. If there’s ever the smell of gas in Indiana, shut the heater off right from the main switch and call emergency services right away. Even if it’s a false alarm, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once the house is safe again, Mister Quik Home Services’ expert Technicians will come in and identify the problem so we can fix it.
  4. Loud, Strange Noises: Have you ever heard the heater making loud and scary noises in Indiana? It’s no ghost—; it’s the components inside the heater not working correctly. Rattling, banging, groaning, humming, squealing, and popping are all ominous signs. When you hear strange noises, call Mister Quik Home Services straight away so we can offer help with our emergency heater repair in Indiana.
  5. Yellow Burner Flame: If the flame on the heater is yellow in Indiana it’s a huge red flag. That signifies the presence of carbon monoxide, which is a very toxic gas that is also deadly. The pilot light should always be blue and never yellow. If it is yellow, turn off the flame immediately and then call the professionals at Mister Quik Home Services for emergency heater repair services.