Your furnace is an essential part of your home and provides the warmth you need during Plainfield’s icy winters. If the furnace isn’t dependable, the home’s air quality and comfort can decline significantly. Fortunately, if you need a new furnace installation in Plainfield, IN., Mister Quik Home Services is ready to help.

Mister Quik Home Services offers a selection of the highest-quality furnace brands for customers to choose from. Every furnace is installed by veteran HVAC technicians with years of experience. They are also fully certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Types of Furnaces

While manufacturers offer several kinds of furnaces, all of them fall into two categories. The majority of high-efficiency units are either electric furnaces or gas furnaces. The best option for you will come down to personal preference and which unit is most cost-effective considering your utility rates.

  1. Gas Furnace

Natural gas furnaces are the most common. They use natural gas supplied by a municipal natural gas line that runs into the home. A natural gas furnace is not very expensive to run, and it will provide even heat throughout the home. If you decide on a natural gas furnace for your home, our technicians can quickly and efficiently install it.

  1. Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are not as common as gas models but are still popular. They are an ideal choice when natural gas is not an option for homeowners. Furnaces electrically charge heating elements to transfer heat to the air. Heat is then distributed throughout the home.

Although upfront costs for installing a new electric heater are less than for gas models, running an electric furnace can be more expensive. One important consideration is that electric furnaces are generally safer than gas models. If you can install a gas furnace but are thinking about choosing an electric model, consider the operating costs of each. Comparing the impact on your electric bill versus the cost of natural gas will allow you to determine which option is most cost-effective.

When Is It Time to Get a New Furnace in Plainfield, IN?

If your current furnace cannot keep your home warm when the temperatures drop, it is time to consider replacing it. Other signs point to the need for a new furnace.

First, consider the furnace’s age. If it is more than 15 years old, chances are it is nearing the end of its useful life. When you have an older unit, it’s a good idea to pay attention to its performance and ensure it is operating the way it should.

Furnace problems can happen with little notice, and the problem is more common with older units. There is also the issue of energy use. Aging systems are not as energy efficient as newer models. In some cases, a new, energy-efficient model can pay for itself in lower utility bills.

When a furnace has power-cycling issues, there could be a serious problem. If you notice that the furnace constantly cycles on and off or stays on constantly, it is crucial to contact an HVAC expert and schedule an inspection. Depending on the problem, technicians might recommend replacing the furnace if they cannot make repairs that will get the unit running well.

If the furnace doesn’t heat your home adequately or doesn’t produce any heat at all, schedule a professional service call. Our experts will inspect the unit and then present you with all available options.

Other signs that the furnace needs to be replaced are strange sounds or smells. A sudden increase in the amount of dust in the home could also indicate that a furnace can no longer do its job.

Free Estimates on Furnace Installation

Mister Quik Home Services offers the best HVAC services in Plainfield when you need a new furnace for your home. You can feel confident in the quality of workmanship because we have years of experience serving the Plainfield area. In addition, we are a factory-authorized Amana dealer, and our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on any Amana system will give you peace of mind.

Our team of industry veterans is not only certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency but also cares about your comfort. When you schedule an appointment for an estimate, our technicians will arrive on time and then fully inspect the area. They will recommend only the best and most appropriate systems, based on your home’s size.

The Mister Quik Home Services team will never push you to get a bigger and more expensive furnace than you need, and we never upsell you. If you are ready for an estimate on a new furnace, give us a call or contact us online and schedule an appointment today.