The luxury of running hot water is something every household in Carmel and the world over, takes for granted. A soothing hot bath at the end of the day or a splash of hot water to clean the dishes is a luxury created because our homes have functioning water heaters.

Water heaters are not going to come with many fancy bells and whistles, only simply bringing comfort and warmth to your home. But, as with everything in this modern world, there are various types of water heaters for your home. As always, it’s wise to know what you’re getting when spending your hard-earned money. This short and informative read will give you all the information about the types of water heaters available to you and who you should call to get one installed.

The Right Heater for You

If you know you need a new water heater installed, you might not have been ready to be asked what type you’d like for your home when making the call to the professionals. There are many different types of water heaters available and it’s important to consider them all. Some of the water heaters bring added financial benefits that may suit your needs more, so let us break it down for you into layman’s terms.

Conventional Storage Water Heater

As humans, we like to go with what we know. It’s where we feel safe. That’s why it’s no surprise that the conventional storage water heater is the most popular choice. You’ll be familiar with this type of water heater if the first thing that comes to mind is a bulky water tank, hidden but not so hidden, somewhere in your home.

They typically hold between 30 to 80 gallons of pre-heated water. When used efficiently, it means readily available heated water. However, the stored pre-heated water leads to two downfalls. The first being that the tank has to be constantly heated, meaning it’s not as energy efficient as new alternatives. There is also the potential for the hot water to run out, especially if it’s bath time in a household with a large family!

Electric Pump Water Heater 

Modern, efficient, discreet, but sadly not a water heater suitable for homes in Carmel. It works by drawing heat from the ground and converting it into an energy source that powers the water heater. Perhaps an excellent choice for those residing in sunny California, but Indianapolis will not have the heat year-round to make this a viable option.

Tankless Water Heater

More commonly found in homes today, the tankless water heater is as the same suggests. Rather than a big tank in the home, a smaller tank with coils that can be superheated is used. Hot water is produced almost instantly allowing for hot water on demand. What’s more, the tanks are extremely energy efficient as they only heat the water as you need it. Similar to condensing water heaters, tankless water heaters are powered by the natural gasses your home produces, therefore cost-efficient.

Which One Is Right for Your Home?

We appreciate it may still be hard to decide what water heater is the right one for your home. Alongside the information you’ve found here, contact trusted professionals like us at Mister Quick for expert advice that will help support your decision.

Who Can You Call For Water Heater Installation in Carmel?

At Mister Quick, we have been the trusted water heater installation experts for over 20 years and are currently the leader in the Indianapolis home service industry. We’re professionals and perfectionists and offer a comprehensive range of services, not just water heater installation. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more about our services and additional warranties.