Your home’s air quality is incredibly important. It’s easy to forget about it, and over time, it can build up and bacteria and pollutants can form. This build-up can cause illness to you or your family, and dust can physically build up throughout the house.

When it comes to improving your air quality and in turn, the quality of your home, give Mister Quik Home Services a call. We have professional technicians with experience in fixing any problem that can occur with your home’s air quality.

Symptoms of Air Quality Issues

Here are some signs you may have poor quality air in your home:

-Build up of grime and dust

-Cold-like symptoms

-Dry skin





-Hot spots

-Cold spots

-Strange smells

Hepa Filters & Air Purifiers

Using a HEPA Filter can be important in keeping pollutants out of your home. These filters are designed with mesh that keeps your home’s air in while trapping smoke, pollen, dander, and other particles. These filters are often built into larger purifiers and can come in different sizes, tailored to your home’s needs.

Control Humidity

Poor air quality can cause humidity issues, as well. At Mister Quik, we can install the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier, a machine that can be installed out of sight. It also has an automatic mode, that makes sure you never have to turn it on and off. Conversely, if there is too much humidity in the home, we have an Aprilaire 1830 Model Dehumidifier that prevents the growth of mildew and mold, in addition to helping you avoid damage to sensitive items in your home.

UV Lights

To remove air pollutants, UV Lights have been proven effective. They kill around 99% of all bacteria and viruses and help maintain clear air throughout the home.

The installation doesn’t take more than a couple of hours, but you’ll feel the difference right away! It is also ozone and mercury-free.

Mini Split Installation

This HVAC alternative is for heating and cooling specific rooms, rather than a whole home. Our team offers a high-quality mini split installation, that requires minimal upkeep from the homeowner. All of our installation plans come with a 5-year warranty, as well!

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