Your home ought to be a haven; where you find rest and comfort after a rough time. When your house makes you unwell, the indoor air quality may have been compromised. Pet dander, high humidity, and pollen are some contaminants that might cycle in your home and infect your lungs.

Since many homeowners ignore indoor air quality, it’s possible to go for several months without realizing that unhealthy bacteria have invaded your home. By the time you know it, the problem may have gotten out of hand. An ailing family member and excessive dust build-up are the standard signals of poor indoor air quality.

Many factors can affect a home’s air quality. While some of the elements are external, others are easily manageable by the homeowner. Improving indoor air quality is a lengthy process you undertake depending on your specific needs. The experienced and knowledgeable team at Mister Quik Home Services can advise you on the equipment to use and what to do to maintain healthy indoor air quality levels.

What Are The Signs Of Poor Air Quality?

Do you know what to check to understand the quality of indoor air? Here are some symptoms to consider:

From the symptoms above, it’s clear that poor air quality can affect your health and lower your house’s comfort. We understand the factors that affect air quality and offer several air quality treatment options.

Air Purifiers and HEPA Filters

Airborne pollutants are prevalent in densely populated regions. Using HEPA filters will help eliminate the contaminants after they cycle inside your house through the HVAC unit, windows, and doors.

High Efficient Particulate Air (HEPA) filters have a mesh filter to trap particles like pollen, smog, dander, and cigarette smoke from the air. The filters are fixed in large air purifiers, which come in a range of sizes depending on your needs.

Humidity Control

Many poor indoor air quality issues result from unbalanced humidity levels in the house. If you suffer sore throat in the morning, nose bleeds, or dry skin, you may benefit from using a humidifier.

Mister Quik Home Services can install the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier for community members that have been affected by unprecedented weather changes. The humidifier is installed in a suitable location within your home. It has a dual sensor with a 24/7 auto mode. So, you will never worry about turning it on or playing with the buttons to run it.

Sometimes, the homeowners face the opposite problem: they have an excess amount of humidity in their home. In this case, the air will feel sticky, heavy, and uncomfortable. Bloomington summers are already humid enough to add more discomfort when you enter your house.

Our qualified specialists’ team is happy to install the Aprilaire 1830 dehumidifier in your home to prevent mold and mildew infestations. The device will also help to preserve the integrity of the humidity-sensitive items in your house.

UV Lights

UV lights are a modern air pollutant removal method. They are 99% efficient on viruses, mold, and bacteria. The qualified technicians at Mister Quik Home Services can install a UV light into your duct system, where most air pollutants originate.

There are two kinds of UV lights for HVACs; air sterilization and coil sterilization models. The coil sterilization type looks like a stick and is installed inside the return air duct. It is also more popular than the air sterilization model. The air sterilization type cleans moving air and is installed in the return air duct to cycle with the air handler blower.

The installation of UV lights lasts for a few hours, but the results show immediately. The equipment is safe to use because it is mercury and ozone-free.

Mini Split Installation

Mini-splits are ideal for heating separate rooms or spaces, making them a popular HVAC alternative. If you prefer using your HVAC during Bloomington’s coldest or hottest months, you can install a mini-split to tweak temperature in individual rooms. You will make substantial power savings.

Mister Quik Home Services offers specialized mini-split installations. Thanks to our expertise, our systems require minimal upkeep from the owner. Our services come with a five-year warranty under our SHAPE maintenance plan.

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