Modern air conditioning units play an essential role in helping families maintain a comfortable indoor environment during the hot summer months. They only last around 10 to 15 years before problems start to pop up and efficiency levels begin to drop, though. If the home’s current AC unit is more than a decade old, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Before investing in a new home cooling system, homeowners in Bloomington, Indiana should take the time to consider their options. There’s little sense in investing in a new air conditioner if the current one is working just fine and operating at maximum efficiency. On the other hand, if an older AC unit breaks down, it’s often more cost-efficient to replace it instead of making costly repairs. 

The experts at Mister Quik Home Services will always offer our objective, professional advice about which will be the better route to take, but it’s just fine for homeowners to do their own research before investing in a new system, as well. Bloomington, Indiana homeowners can find out what they need to know below.

The first question most homeowners ask themselves when they’re faced with AC problems is whether their current units can be repaired. In some cases, one simple and affordable repair will be enough to get the system back online. In others, the costs of making repairs outweigh the benefits of trying to salvage an older air conditioner.

The number one reason homeowners choose to replace older AC units is that they use outdated refrigerants. The federal government recently started phasing out some early refrigerants because of their devastating environmental impacts. Trying to keep an AC unit that uses an outdated refrigerant running may seem like a good idea now, but it will cost a fortune in the long run as supplies start to run low.

Even if they use modern refrigerants, older AC units aren’t always as energy-efficient as they could be. Replacing an old unit that has experienced efficiency losses due to lack of maintenance, a poor installation, or just plain old age can help to save homeowners money on their monthly cooling bills. Over time, those savings could even eclipse the investment in a new, highly energy-efficient air conditioner.

A properly sized AC system will keep the home appropriately cool without constantly cycling or working too hard. Most homeowners assume that they should just buy units with the same ratings as their old ones, but that’s not always the right approach. It’s often the case that the older units were not optimally sized, and now is a great time to investigate better options.

Over the course of the 10 to 15 years of a modern air conditioner’s life, most homeowners make changes to their properties. These may include adding insulation to reduce heat transfer or increasing the size of the residence. If energy efficiency improvements were made since the last unit was installed, a smaller one might be more appropriate now. Conversely, if the home is larger than it used to be, a larger air conditioner may be required to keep it sufficiently cool.

There are plenty of different options when it comes to AC replacements in Bloomington, indiana Homeowners can trust the pros at Mister Quik to help them find a unit that is not just energy-efficient but also optimally sized to meet the family’s unique needs.

Some air conditioners are more energy-efficient than others. It may not seem like it’s worth purchasing an AC unit with sophisticated technology that improves efficiency because the price tag will be higher, but stop for a moment and do the math. These units are designed to draw less power without negatively impacting home comfort. Over time, it costs much less to run a more sophisticated, high-efficiency air conditioner.

Homeowners who have it in the budget to take on a higher initial investment will save money over time. Plus, there are rebates and government incentives that can help to cover the cost of upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit. See if you are eligible for a utility rebate or government incentives.

Not too long ago, programmable thermostats were only available on very high-end air conditioners. Now, they’ve become much more commonplace, and that’s good news for homeowners. 

Programmable thermostats allow residents to turn the AC down significantly when they’re out and about, then set it to restore comfortable indoor temperatures before they get home. Smart thermostats take this technology even further by letting residents control their AC units from anywhere using IoT technology. They’re worth the investment.

Already know it’s time to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient air conditioning unit? Bloomington, Indiana homeowners can trust Mister Quik Home Services to help them understand their options. Call to schedule a new installation today.