How to get rid of Hard Water

Map of hard water in US

If you live in Central Indiana, you know you have hard water. In fact, according to the Water Quality Association, Indiana is considered to have “extremely hard” water, with the highest rating on the charts in the U.S. – more than 14gpg or grams per gallon of water.

When it comes to treating the hardness of your water your best bet is a water-softening system. That’s the only way to end or minimize scale on shower walls as well as mineral build-up in your water-using appliances; water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. In the process, you can eliminate dry-skin problems and cut back on use of soaps, detergents, shampoos and fabric softeners.

Softened water makes a clear difference throughout your home. Highlighted below are the top benefits of using a water-softening system.

Features & Benefits

  • Smoother, softer skin
  • Brighter, whiter laundry
  • Less household cleaning time
  • Less wasted energy
  • Reduced scale build-up on fixtures
  • Increased life of water using appliances

Water Softener Indianapolis

At Mister Quik we recommend water softeners with the added benefit of demand-initiated regeneration, which saves you money on salt and water because the softener only regenerates when needed based on your family’s actual water usage.

Contact your local plumbing service experts today at Mister Quik to schedule your free estimate on a new or replacement water softening system.