How to Avoid a Fire With Your Turkey Fryer

Turkey Frying – The Pros & Cons

Turkey Fryer Safety - Happy Thanksgiving

What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey? Nothing beats carving into that big, succulent bird when it’s cooked just right. Nothing, except eating it of course. And there may be no better way to cook a turkey than by frying it.

If you haven’t had fried turkey before, you are absolutely missing out. There are many benefits to frying over conventional oven baking when it comes to turkeys. Frying takes less time and frees up lots of oven space for other foods. Frying also keeps the turkey meat as moist as possible, while giving the skin a mouth-watering crunch. Besides the sights and smells of a delicious fried turkey, your ears will enjoy that characteristic sizzle as your bird cooks in the pot.

Turkey Frying is Dangerous if not Done Safely

With that in mind, frying can also be dangerous. When you combine cold meat with gallons of hot oil, a propane fire (and all too often, too much Thanksgiving alcohol), you have a recipe for disaster. So Mister Quik offers up a slice of advice with some sides of tips to make your turkey frying go off without a fuss.

First of all, frying a turkey takes responsibility. Every year we hear news stories about house fires and human casualties as a result of turkey frying accidents that are completely preventable.

Risks of Turkey Frying Include:

  • Cooking pots and stands tipping over and spilling hot oil over a wide area.
  • Partially frozen turkeys “exploding” when lowered into hot oil.
  • Overfilled pots spilling oil when the turkey is inserted.
  • Oil splashing onto flame and igniting a fire.
  • Hot pots, lids, handles and other cooking components causing severe burns.

Many of these risks can be mitigated by simply baking your turkey in the oven. If you are still determined to fry your bird, than please follow these proven safety tips to lower your risk of accident or injury:

  • Always fry turkeys outdoors. NEVER use a turkey fryer indoors, even in the garage.
  • Set up the fryer on a solid level surface, away from buildings, decks, patios and flammable materials.
  • Use the proper amount and type of cooking oil. Do not overfill the pot.
  • Make sure the turkey (or any meat being used) is completely thawed before placing it in the pot.
  • Never leave the turkey fryer unattended, and keep children and pets away.
  • Monitor the oil temperature constantly. Most fryers do not include a thermometer.
  • Keep the fryer away from rain or snow. Water will cause hot oil to splatter.
  • Use heat-resistant oven mitts to handle the pot, and wear long sleeves and eye protection to protect against oil splatter.
  • Keep a dry-powder fire extinguisher nearby. NEVER pour water onto an oil fire. If a fire does happen, call 911 immediately.

From all of us at Mister Quik, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy, and a very safe Thanksgiving. Happy cooking!