If your home’s air conditioner isn’t working the way it should, you may notice signs such as high humidity and elevated indoor temperatures. In most cases, these systems exhibit several symptoms before they fail. By learning to identify the problems listed below, homeowners can take action at the right time.

A Lot of Hot Air

While it may seem obvious, an air conditioner that’s blowing hot air isn’t working properly. Before giving us a call, check to see if the thermostat is set to the right temperature and in the right mode. If everything looks good and the AC still isn’t working, there may be other issues.

Maybe the compressor isn’t working, or something is blocking airflow. These systems are complex, and most Brownsburg homeowners lack the expertise to service them. Call Mister Quik to work with an expert who can resolve your HVAC problems quickly.

Odd Noises

Air conditioning units make noise even when they’re working properly. However, if your system is making weird noises, there may be an issue. Sudden buzzing, rattling, or banging noises may indicate the presence of loose components. If this is the issue, the system may struggle to do its job. In these instances, you’ll need to find an AC repair company that can make repairs and provide a tune-up.

Foul Smells

If your home’s air conditioning unit is emitting a bad odor, it may be a good time to think about scheduling HVAC repairs with Mister Quik. Our professionals can perform in-depth diagnostic tests to determine if there are problems with your cooling system. Because debris and dust easily build up in the ductwork, odd smells are a sign that the system is being affected. When there’s a musty or stale smell coming from the ducts, a simple cleaning may be all that’s needed.

Water Leaks

Air conditioning units produce condensation when they are working as intended. However, if there’s a puddle around the unit, the system isn’t working as well as it could. If the visible liquid is water, it can cause severe structural damage to your home if left unattended. However, these systems sometimes leak refrigerants, which can also cause serious problems. By scheduling AC repair with Mister Quik, you can prevent a minor leak from turning into an expensive issue.

High Humidity

Your home’s air conditioner does more than cool the air inside. These units also remove humidity to prevent homes from feeling sticky during the hottest days of summer. If your home is hot and humid, the AC system may need recalibration. Our HVAC technicians can find the cause of high indoor humidity and take steps to address these problems. Call or click today to get the cool air flowing once again!

The System Turns Off and On Randomly

Air conditioning systems sometimes cycle off and on as part of their normal operations. On a hot summer day, you will probably hear the unit turning on more frequently. However, an AC unit should not cycle constantly or turn off and on all day long. If your system is power cycling constantly, it needs attention. Call Mister Quik today for a tune-up or air conditioning repair.

Insufficient Airflow

If your air conditioning system has poor airflow, there may be a blockage in the ductwork. A failed motor or a problem with the unit’s air filter will also lead to reduced airflow. In any case, you should have a local AC repair expert come and perform a detailed inspection of the system.

Replacement Or Repairs? 

A residential HVAC unit is designed to offer years of worry-free service. If these systems are maintained as they should be, they can last for 15 years or more. Most fixes are rather simple, but they will keep an AC unit working through the seasons. It’s important for Brownsburg’s homeowners to schedule regular system tune-ups so the systems will work when they’re needed the most.

While regular maintenance will keep your system working as long as possible, some units need repairs too often. If you seem to be scheduling repairs constantly, replacing the system may be a more appropriate option. Many of today’s air conditioning systems will keep homes comfortable and cool while helping homeowners save on their monthly utility bills.

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