Haven’t Gotten Your AC Tune-Up Yet This Summer? Get One for $9.16!

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With the end of the summer season here, we want to make sure that EVERYONE gets their yearly AC maintenance before it gets too cold for the techs to complete! Look, we get it, you made it through this summer so far without an AC tune-up, so why should you get one at the end of the season?

Great question! Check out our answer:

Since our techs need work and AC tune-ups have many benefits for our customers, we’ve decided to offer AC tune-ups for the cost of the gas that it takes for travel to your home. With the average cost in gas to a customer’s house coming to $9.16, we will only charge $9.16 to perform an AC tune-up in your home.

Now, you’re saying, “It’s a great deal, sure. But why should I care if my AC is working fine now and it’s about time to fire up the furnace?”

Another great question and we’ve got an answer for that too:

Getting an AC tune-up at the end of the season is a wonderful way to prepare your AC unit for NEXT summer. So, when we’re busy, busy, busy with customers who DIDN’T get an AC tune-up at the end of the season, you’ll be sitting in your cool, comfortable home relaxing and NOT sweating a thing! There are quite a few benefits that you can enjoy now if you get your AC tune-up today. Some include:

  • Improve the system’s efficiency, therefore reducing utility bills
  • Prevent early equipment failure
  • Improve cooling capacity
  • Reduce costs in maintenances

Not only THAT, but you can actually SEE the difference!

Wow! What a difference an AC tune-up can make!

When all of the debris from the unit’s coil is removed, your AC can “breathe” easier and use less energy to cool your home.

This deal is only happening until we start getting busy again with furnace tune-ups, so take advantage of our slow time and get a deal of a tune-up for your AC now!

Give us a call or hit the schedule now button before this offer ends on 9/15/17.