It is a true indication of progress in our modern world that nearly every home and building where people live and work is equipped with plumbing. Plumbing refers to the system built into your home that moves fluids from one place to another. Specifically, the fluids a home plumbing system moves water.

Some water is clean, for drinking and other purposes, and is moved by one set of pipes. The other is wastewater, which is channeled by a separate set of pipes to your septic tank or municipal sewer line. Wastewater includes everything that goes down your home’s drains, including from the toilet.

Most people want to live in a clean environment and routinely spend either time or money on housecleaning. They sweep, vacuum, mop, and dust. They may even install a HEPA filtration system to eliminate dust and mold from the air they breathe. They work hard and take pride in, their home’s cleanliness. Yet, something that almost all homeowners neglect is to clean the interior of their drains. It isn’t something they see, and as a result, it is something they don’t think about until it stops working. That’s when they realize that drains need cleaning, too.

Maintenance Includes the Drains

The only advice anyone ever receives from the public arena regarding drain maintenance is to dump vinegar and baking soda into them. This is essentially smoke and mirrors, as it produces a big (and entertaining) reaction, foaming like a volcano, but it doesn’t do a thing for your drain. There are some who use drain cleaning products purchased to do the job, but these cleaners are corrosive and, depending upon the age of one’s home and its plumbing, they are apt to do more harm than good.

The reliable technician team at Mister Quik understands the inner workings of your home’s plumbing system. Furthermore, they are able to maintain your drains without resorting to harsh and corrosive chemicals. Using snake attachments and techniques such as hydro-blasting, they are able to remove the accumulated grease, pet hair, food particles, skin cells, and more, restoring the pipe’s full diameter and allowing water and waste to flow as intended.

It is important to give immediate attention to slow-running drains, rectifying any issues before they become fully clogged. Well-maintained drains that are routinely cleaned every year or so rarely clog. Mister Quik stands at the ready for those needing drain cleaning in Greenwood, IN. To that end, we offer a $99 special to clean any drain in your home.

Why Drains Clog Home

Drains tend to clog when what they are asked to carry away is unable to flow freely. The drain most likely to clog in the average home is the one in the kitchen. This is primarily because of grease. Even small amounts of grease from dirty dishes is apt to congeal in cold water and form a hard lining on the interior of kitchen drain pipes. This grease attracts other things flowing past, such as dirt, food particles, hair, and the like. This build-up eventually grows large enough to prevent it from flowing freely. Garbage disposal drains are likewise affected.

Soap scum builds up in drains as well, and children are a surprising reason for toilet clogs, as toddlers are prone to flushing a wide variety of products just to watch them go down. Drain pipes are only able to transport waste that sails along with freely flowing fluids. Slow drains eventually clog, and slightly clogged drains soon become fully blocked.

All plumbing problems interrupt the smooth running of a home and causing distress. The solution for drain problems in Greenwood is to routinely maintain a home’s drains and to always call for a Mister Quik repairman at the first sign of drain trouble.

The Mister Quik Approach

Mister Quik technicians always start with a thorough examination and diagnosis. We will present our findings clearly and concisely and provide a written, free estimate for any work required. We will communicate all possible options, along with our recommendation, and let you make the final decision. We bring the tools and parts required and make it our goal to treat your family’s home as we would our own.

Other Services

At Mister Quik, we like to help you prevent problems with your home’s plumbing through regular maintenance. However, we have your back all the time. If you experience a plumbing emergency, if you need your sewer lines inspected, your HVAC’s HEPA filter changed—whatever you may require in the form of home services, we are here and ready to help.

Call Us Today

Call us at Mister Quik Home Services today to schedule a preventative drain cleaning. Don’t let small problems become big disasters. Mister Quik technicians have your back. Call them today for expertise, service, and efficiency you can count on. Whether it’s a simple bath or sink drain, or you’re experiencing a slow drain throughout the home, we can do a clean-out for only $99!