Winters in Greenwood, Indiana can become rather uncomfortable as outdoor temperatures force everyone inside. The dry air indoors can exacerbate chapped skin, carry viruses, and irritate breathing. Many residents opt to use a humidifier to counteract these issues.

Most Midwesterners already have at least one humidifier in the home. Typically, it will be one lone humidifier, inconspicuously placed out of view that runs continuously in the home. Unfortunately, it also has to be lugged around the house from room to room, refilled daily, and cleaned regularly.

Instead of the daily inconvenience of maintaining the band-aid of a solution, why not consider a more permanent, lower-maintenance solution. Mister Quik Home Services, your Greenwood, Indiana home specialists, can support you with that.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier

During a Greenwood, Indiana winter, most residents will spend the majority of the season comfortably warm indoors. That comfort requires the effort of your HVAC system to warm the temperature of the home. As the furnace performs its function of pushing warm air, there are some inadvertent effects.

Incorporating the use of a humidifier is a no-brainer, but which size and how many? If you’re wondering what you can expect from a whole-home humidifier, here are some of the associated benefits:

Health Improvement

Dry air is hospitable for germs associated with the common cold and flu. The winter, when most people are huddling indoors, is the season when those ailments thrive. A humidifier will create an environment that is not welcoming for those germs to survive and reduce transmission opportunities. In the summer, the humidifier can ward off allergen particles.

Increased Comfort

Humidifiers that service the whole home in Greenwood, Indiana will help keep the skin hydrated for those who live there. The body is predominantly water, and the added moisture will help preserve the surface of the skin. Otherwise, the dryness will promote chapping and cracking. Dry skin can also be itchy or create a burning feeling.

Humidifiers will also help to reduce the amount of static electricity in the air. While it’s not a significant issue, it’s nice not to get a shock every time you touch a doorknob.

Preserve Furniture

This is likely a benefit that you may not have considered. Surprisingly, an arid environment can harm your furnishings. Many furniture and flooring materials are made with wood. Wood and wood components deteriorate over time, hastened by dry conditions.

Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers over Localized Room Humidifiers

There are many advantages to having a humidifier system to take care of your climate control needs. The first is that it offers the homeowner the relief of daily, regular maintenance. It also sustains the level of humidity consistently across the entire home.

The integration of a humidifier into the heating and plumbing system requires support from a professional installer. The whole house humidifier will require water from the plumbing system to add moisture to the heating system. The installation requires that the technician have expertise in both systems to create this partnership correctly.

Once in place, the air that is pushed through the heating and cooling system is humidified before it passes through the ductwork. The humidity level is controlled digitally, much the same as adjusting the temperature by a thermostat.

Beyond the installation of a whole-house humidifier by Mister Quik, the effort to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the home is nothing more than finding your preference of humidity and controlling it with the touch of a button.

Whole-House Humidifier Myths

Some assumed concerns should be addressed if you are considering a whole-house humidifier. Many people wonder if the additional moisture supplied to the home will have ill effects. There are two rumored problems that a whole-house humidifier will create, and both are unfounded.

The first is that the moisture will promote the growth of mold. The other is that using a humidifier will eventually lead to excess moisture on windows and cause the window frames to warp. While these are issues associated with abundant moisture, it’s important to note that the whole home humidifier system constantly monitors the air’s moisture level and would not supply more moisture than is necessary.

Mister Quik will set up the system to maintain an ideal 35 to 45 percent humidity level around the clock. There will be no excess moisture, only what is necessary.

How to Get Your Whole House Humidifier in Greenwood, Indiana

Mister Quik is ready to send our HVAC experts expert team to correct your home’s humidity level. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment to explore options and weigh the benefits of adding this feature.