Greenwood Furnace Maintenance Services

A furnace works very hard in the cold winter months and does more than provide heat. It protects against certain harmful airborne particles and also ensures that the system’s airflow is properly regulated. Regularly scheduled furnace maintenance can help to ensure that the unit is functioning properly during the long, cold Greenwood winter.

Furnace Maintenance

Regular furnace maintenance is performed by professional technicians as a preventative measure against breakdowns and wear and tear. The professionals at Mister Quik Home Services perform inspections and furnace tune-up services for the system. When required maintenance is performed promptly, it will save the homeowner money and ensure that the residents can have peace of mind knowing they will stay warm.

Signs of Furnace Malfunction

Many homeowners do not know the signs that a furnace has problems, and other times the system may not show any signs there is an issue about to occur. There may be clues to an issue, but these clues may not point to a problem in the furnace. Below is a list of occurrences that show there is a problem with the unit:

What Does the Annual Maintenance Include?

The professional HVAC technicians at Mister Quik Home Services take furnace maintenance seriously. During the maintenance appointment, they will inspect, tune-up, and repair the entire heating system, including the following elements:

If any problems are detected during the appointment, the homeowners will be notified immediately. If possible, the technician will repair it during the visit.

Electric Furnace versus Gas Furnace Maintenance

The main difference between a gas and electric furnace is the energy source used. However, several extra inspections must be conducted to ensure that the gas furnace is operating safely. Inspecting the gas lines is the first step; however, our technicians take it one step further and analyze the gas combustion levels. Energy levels also referred to as dissipation levels, are the amount of heat lost while the furnace is in operation. Each manufacturer has its maximum efficiency levels, around 85%. When the furnace is in operation at 85%, the other 15% is exhaust produced by the natural gas. Most all new furnaces can reach up to 95% efficiency.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

There are many benefits for Greenwood residents to schedule annual maintenance besides maintaining the manufactures warranty and staying warm. Below are a few of those benefits.

Greenwood community residents depend on Mister Quik Home Services for heating, cooling, and plumbing system repair, replacement, and inspections. Our expert technicians are EPA certified and have passed strenuous background checks. All of our services are backed by a 100% service guarantee. We want to ensure that our customers are comfortable and pleased with our technicians and services.