Most people never think about their dryer vent when they are doing laundry. They are focused on getting their clothes washed, dried, folded, and put away but never give a thought to the dryer vent. By overlooking this vent, homeowners are ignoring an important aspect of home safety. Over time, lint builds up in the dryer vent, which can cause a clog and eventually lead to a house fire.

Those who want to have their dryer vent professionally inspected and cleaned should give Mister Quik Home services a quick call. Mister Quik’s trained technicians are insured and expertly trained to clean the dry vent thoroughly and quickly. Having the vent professionally cleaned by Mister Quik is smart, as one knows that the job will get done right the first time and every time after.

How Often the Dryer Vent Needs a Clean

Experts recommend the dryer vent have a deep cleaning at least once a year. Families that do laundry more often may need to clean their dryer vent more frequently than once a year. Not sure if it is time to clean the dryer vent? The following are signs to watch for.

If the top of the dryer gets hot to the touch, this is a sign there is a problem, possibly with the dryer vent. If it takes a long time to dry a load of clothes, this is another sign that the vent may need a deep cleaning. If the clothes are hotter than normal when they are removed from the dryer, this can be a sign of a problem.

Lastly, if the dryer flapper valve on the outside of the vent does not open all the way, or even at all, the vent needs to be cleaned. If someone suspects an issue with their dryer vent, they should call Mister Quik as soon as possible. Continuing to use the dryer can cause the vent clog to worsen, or even worse, cause a house fire.

How Dryer Vent Cleaning in Greenwood, Indiana Works

Always clean out the dryer filter after every use. Doing so reduces the amount of lint that gets stuck in the vent. Even a squeaky clean lint trap can have lint particles go through the mesh and clog the dryer vent. The lint likes to stick to the walls of the vent and cause problems.

Many people try to clean their dryer vent on their own. While this is possible, there is likely a large amount of lint and dirt left behind. The technicians at Mister Quik have special tools that clean the entire vent thoroughly.

Mister Quik technicians have flexible brushes and vacuums they use to clean dryer vents. These tools can also go farther into the vent than the average homeowner can. After the vent cleaning, the technician then tests the airflow of the vent digitally to make sure it is completely clean.

Hiring a professional gives the homeowner a guarantee that the vent is clean and saves a homeowner time and aggravation. It’s a scary fact that dryers cause an estimated 15,000 fires each year. With the vent cleaned correctly, the homeowner can rest easy knowing a clogged dryer vent won’t be causing a house fire anytime soon.

The Benefits of Having a Clean Dryer Vent 

Aside from not worrying that the dryer will go up in flames due to a clogged vent, the below are additional benefits to having the dryer vent professionally cleaned by Mister Quik.

A Dryer that Works Better

A clean dryer works better and doesn’t have to overwork to make up for a clogged vent. A properly working dryer dries the clothes faster. When clothes dry fast, they experience less wear and tear in the dryer.

Savings on Electricity

Running a dryer isn’t cheap, but that price goes up when the dryer has to work overtime to do its job. A dirty dryer vent adds up in utility costs, especially over a year. Having the vent cleaned by Mister Quik could save the homeowner money on electricity.

Less Wear and Tear on the Dryer

A dryer that has to keep running for long periods of time is experiencing damaging wear and tear from overuse. Having a clean dryer vent means the unit is working efficiently. By keeping the vent clean, a dryer may need to be repaired less often as it doesn’t have to run for extended periods of time to dry the clothes.

The Dryer Can Last Longer

A dryer treated right and cleaned frequently will last longer than a model with dirty vents. Those that want to extend the life of the dryer should clean the vent regularly. A clean dryer is an efficient dryer.

Mister Quik is the Right Choice

Mister Quik’s technicians are trained professionals with all the required tools to get the job done. Ready to have the dryer vent cleaned? Call Mister Quik today!